Trampa materials

I did this a few weeks ago

My worst nightmare is losing control of my board and have it go into the ankles of some poor passerby.

DONOT underestimate a 30 pound object going at 30km/hr

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I can verify. Throttle got stuck in forward position. Makes for a lovely video though. I laugh every time.



Look at the impact it makes on all the objects on the table. Scary stuff


That table saw is even weighed down with sand bags! For real scary how much power they have.

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I mean if you board hit something hard Enough to bend your trucks than that’s your issue, bending a truck is pretty hard…


So you post your stupid ass post with maximum flexing over here? Ahahaha. I made a post because impact was not that hard but damages are like I drop board from a building. Im disaponted in materials. And all my fault was that nano x stuck at acceleration and not respond to breaking. You otherwise was blind and hit your flex car by your fault. Good Day to you :slight_smile:

Its your fault. You bought a nano x what do you expect


You right. I was thinking about HOYT Puck as replacement,

Thats a good replacement :ok_hand:

Sure the trampa shouldnt fail like that but what you should be blaming is the remote

This could have ended up the same as your board, @venom121212 got lucky


Let’s watch it again as it looks so good :blush:


Seems like that’s what youre doing here.

  1. You bought a shitty remote
  2. You accelerated your board into a solid object
  3. You have no pictures of the damage (which means the after pictures are actually the before pictures)
  4. You made a post here blaming Trampa for your mistakes
  5. I am trying to drop brown sugar from my diet but replacements have that chemical after taste.



Physics, lever effect

It crashed, the wheel which was more forward acted as a lever mostly bending the baseplate.

It’s not really a weakness or an indication that the truck can’t take heavy riding over heavy-going terrain.

It simply means that you can’t full throttle into door jambs even from a 2m distance. It also means that if you like getting air & if you are heavy and/or don’t land cleanly you risk bending one of both parts of the truck.

So stay on the ground and don’t play with the throttle indoors unless the board is securely placed. A throttle which sticks or drops is no good, you need a safe throttle & you need to go to Trampa and pay for replacement parts, struggling to see an RMA in this case.

I’m sure @trampa could tell you more if that doesn’t cover it

Ps. Since you have access to machinery then you should be able to straighten out either maybe with a vice or a press. If you heat it the tensile strength will improve but it will be more brittle and of course the powdercoat won’t survive.

I would buy one new baseplate and if the hanger is slightly bent I would straighten that with no heat in a press, if I had access to a press


DerelictRobot If you wanna quote me, do it right and do not manipulate like a BBC reporter.


  1. since when nano x is a shitty one ? I know it is not the most reliable but for about 8 month was good.
  2. Not me, i just slight accelerate to move board, then nano x stuck.
  3. Are you kidding me ? what I will accomplish doing that ? After I come home I start to disassembly board and check whats wrong. Pics of board was taken after an hour of bending back kingpin and checking the rest.
  4. I blaming poor materials, since when Titanium got magnetic properties ? (what is this alloy, because it reacts to magnet?) And if you work with duralumin you will know it is not easy to break that easy.
  5. Try Ksylitol, much better for health and teeth :slight_smile:

P.S. post about shitstorm was about last time mutantbass shitstorming in Kaly topic :stuck_out_tongue:

banjaxxed Yes you right about lever. I check this door today, it is made from a cardboard so it bends like it, the most damaged part of a frame is softwood (6 layers of paint on it are more hard than it) But the main part of a frame must be made from Mahogany…expensive one :slight_smile: and that part damage truck.

Still i expect more from Trampa, but I STILL love the design and feeling of ride.

P.S. 2 I really, REALLY want to be pure physics (and my bad luck) and Trampa are rigid as hell, I love it to much

Since day one :sweat_smile::tipping_hand_man:


Okay some salty comments here. I would like to discuss why the kingpin got bent. If it really is titanium it should not get damage just by hitting a door frame… Does anyone know what grade titanium that kingpin should be?

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Oh hey, mine was a nano-x as well. @Ukesu were twins! Except you’re kind of a duck :duck:


The funny thing is if you had handled this like an adult, I would have replaced your truck out of pocket just to keep another esk8 rider on the road and inspiring others.

The logic goes like this;

  1. you ran your esk8 into a wall, and
  2. trucks are not designed to be run into walls,

I’m very sorry that you took offense to my dumb-ass post. It is an earnest attempt to help you see that, perhaps, there’s a bigger reason why nobody is really behind you.

We’re here to share ideas, support our community of builders directly (they all seem to appreciate fans yet only actual money pays their actual bills) and, finally, helping other members get started in esk8, so they will later support our builders.

My mistake. I hope you are successful at whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish with your time in this thread.


Which kingpin do you have? they have 3 versions