Trampa materials

Titanium one.

Ok my bad, Trampa support is great and I will fixe it in no time. Also topclud I really doub it…

Honestly, you keep changing your story.


and you post a bash topic on Trampa, a british company. Some fuckery is afoot :slight_smile: Good luck, I am done with you here.


Confirmed it was Titanium one, I bough it form forum user. Im done too.

If there ONE thing to NEVER doubt, its that

a) Topcloud has a bottomless esk8 budget (seriously dude, you must have one hell of a job :o)

and b) his generosity. Hes everywhere either helping people, recommending products because HE KNOWS THINGS, or, in some cases, helping people get back on their feet

shame that youre so closed off you cant accept an extended helping hand :grimacing:

shameless fanboy post tbh xd


Sorry for my behavior, I was so wrong and bashed people for no reason (beyond my anger about broken board). Hope you well.


Are you 100% sure it’s not just a bent axle? That’d be an easy fix


I check it with straight kingpin from rear, stil light bend, hardest hit got axle.

Spoken like a true man, and i appreciate your forthrightness Ukesu.

We all share a common passion for boardsport - and it is perfectly normal to get angry when things go wrong. I’ve wriiten things here that I regret, too and it goes without saying that we have a responsibility to each other. If something is defective, yes, we want to know.

I ask that we all, myself included, try really hard to remember that when we publicly tear down our builders in our community, we are in fact tearing down what brings us together.

Proud of you. I’ll look around next week and see if I have a few parts you can use.


Try swapping a known good wheel on to that same axle just to make sure it’s not the bearing that got unseated or anything.

Hoping for an easy repair for you man!


Unfortunately truck is beyond repair, axle, kingpin, hanger and mounting plate are twisted. That was a very hard hit to it. I need to swap to different controller asap but Hoyt are not sending their products to EU ;(


You could try regarding the hoyt remote… :slight_smile:


If you wanna order it shipped to me I can use Parcel Monkey to forward it on to you.


Everything is bent? I have a set of ultimate minis sitting around, I don’t mind parting with if it helps


Thanks ! :slight_smile: But I already order new one from Trampa.


Ok good luck! I know how it feels. I had my fare share of run away boards.


What a community :slight_smile: thanks guys. All of you.


I think we need a good reliable remote. Sorry enertion, but sometimes your quality control sucks. How is it possible that there are people with remotes that have problems with broken charge ports and stuck throttle knobs. From 7 remote, I have 1 with a broken charge port. 2 with a broken on/off knob and 1 with a throttle know that stuck. That is 4/7… that is more then 50% off my remotes. Some off them are only one week old. And charged 2 times.

Btw: sorry to steal your topic.


Its funny… I run the nano remote… Its been rock solid even though its flimsy plastic and cheap. Only mod I do is open them up and stick a two sided tape in them so the parts don’t rattle. Accidents I have are all related to either someone else syncing to my board or me shoving the remote in the pocket while its still on

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For over 8 months my nano x work perfectly but after accident 3 days ago I do not trust it anymore. One time is enough, luckily nobody gets hurt. P.S. Do I see correct that Hoyt Puck got only one channel ?

Do you mean control channels? Or radio frequency?

Control channels- one, throttle. No aux

Radio frequency- 2.4ghz mcss. Their radio modules are on a different level than pretty much anything other off-the-shelf.