Trampa motors low kv

Has anybody tried the low kv super expensive motors from trampa and if so any input on performance and top speeds your getting trampa says if you like the sk3 you will love the trampa motors the only problem I’m seeing for me is the low kv it’s good for torque but not so good for speed I believe. I’m putting together parts for a emtb build and trying to put together the right setup for me. I will be using it in the grass and dirt but on concrete the most no tricks or jumps just riding for fun and some commuting.

on 8" pneumatics you still get plenty of speed. Lower kv should actually give better efficiency at cruising speed.

most mtb builds use 149kv but this is the lowest kv for stock sk3’s. only aps has lower kv.

Hi, we really tested out the motors to be perfect for MTB usage. The actual no load KV is slightly higher. 118KV@1Nm is roughly 125KV at zero load. 136KV@1Nm is roughly 145 at zero load. Both motors have fantastic torque and use only the finest components. Gearing down is an issue on MTB builds, so riding 12S requires low KV motors. Gearing to 40km/h is about right for MTBs, twin motors are a must have IMOH.



@trampa I keep forgetting you’re on here now.

There’s not much info on these motors. are they 6374 size? anything more custom mods aside from kv? Delta or Wye?

I have these motors, so well build and powerful. But I havent tested it out to the max, didn’t have to as I don’t ride hard. One thing I didn’t like, the white color. All the rest of trampa is on black, only the motor is white. Maybe that would be a feedback for @trampa in the future.

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Do you ride twin motors or single and what type of speed you producing with your setup.

Twin motor. 24v 118kv 14 tooth, top speed 25kmh, very slow. Currently I am going to upgrade to 36v to reach 30-35kmh, not aiming going faster atm.

Yeah that’s what I’m afraid of I’m wanting about 30-35mph on 12s I’m looking at the trampa 136kv motors just not sure if I would get the speed I’m looking for

This should give some answers:

15/66 gearing, twin engine, 12S, 136 KV = 29mph = More than fast enough for an MTB.


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That may be fast enough for you but you can’t tell people what is fast enough for them because that’s not enough for me I need a about 10 more mph to be on the safe side not gonna ride full speed all the time I just want it there for when it’s needed

Well, speed whobble gets an issue at 30+ mph and gearing to that speed makes you run outside the peak performance of the electrical system most of the time. It’s a matter of the perfect balance. However, if you want to go faster, you simply drop in a bigger motor pulley. Its that easy! That’s the beauty of a transmission. A bigger motor sided pulley is better anyway.


If you like them black, its easy to stick some foil on. I used car foil. 5minute job… We like the white, since white was always our Ultimate range. There are to many black motors out there. Glad you like the Quality. These motors are made without compromise an you can feel that.


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Our motors are 6364, ultra high temp copper, best magnets you can buy today, Japanese precision bearings, hardened axle shaft, hall and temp. sensor, CNCed housing with extra long front cap and dust filter disc, dual keyway shaft, delta connected and hand wound for 100% copper fill. Full spec in every detail…



Can motors be purchased alone ?


Does anyone have settings for the 136kv TRampa motor (for the VESC6 settings)? The motor setup asks for motor amps and battery amps. I’m using the Trampa 136kv motor with 4 * 6s batteries (12s2p). I can’t find these settings anywhere on Trampas web site. There are no videos, nothing.

For motor amps you can set 45-50A. The batt max and regen depends on your battery. You can find further info here:

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What Rich said. It’s a 2400w motor. Divide by voltage and you get Max amps. 45-50 is good for both batt Max and motor Max according to the specs.

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thanks. Does the sensor option need to have HALL sensor added, or do I leave it as sensor-less. I have a cable from the motor attached to the sense port.

I set motor max and batter max to 50A - thanks for that.

What would you suggest for the voltage cutoff start and end specs? I am using 4 * Zippy 6S 6200mah 40C . 12S2P essentially.

3.4v per cell is conservative for lipo. Maybe cutoff at 3.2 but I recommend not below 3.0v per cell.