Trampa new barrel

Does anyone have experience with these new barrel, can they be adjusted seems like very little turning :weary::weary:image


I don’t own a trampa and never tried those barrels but It looks like these which probably have more feedbacks as they have been around longer


Barrels just don’t look as cool as springs :sunglasses:


I have them and they turn better than my setup with springs and are still stable at 33mph


So no adjustments like current springs right,

Nope no adjustments

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springs with or without dampas?

If there was one upgrade that I’d suggest to every Trampa Vertigo / Infinity owner, it would be Trampa Barrels, hands-down.

To me, they feel better than any combination of springs with Dampas and way, way better than MBS’ vague return (yellows).

Most importantly, they’re solid at 30 MPH, as @Trdolan03 said.


Do you use them in the inner position?

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To make it clear. Although I own the Trampa barrels, I am still building the battery for my board so I have no experience on how they work. I saw on Trampa’s website that they should be installed in the truck’s inner position and would also like to know how you guys have them installed.

You are correct my friend; place them in the inner position; for outer, springs with dampas.

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Why exactly? I’ve used springs in the inner position, worked great. Is the wobble reduced that much by using barrels? How easy it is to steer compared to with the springs? Kind of a shame the you’re forced to buy a whole truck along with the barrels…

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Huh? 10char

£75 for a pair of barrels? I would hope not… All I have to go on is the site listing, but I don’t see any difference in the truck design. Thus, unless I missed something, it looks like you have to buy the whole truck.

No you don’t. The price includes 4 barrels along with their fittings. The replacement barrels (elastomers only) are £40. For comparison, the e-toxx barrels are 139€.

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Ah, okay I get it now. So the truck was just for illustration. Can someone who’s used these post a video or pics of them in action? How does their stiffness compare to the different colored dampas?

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@trampa what’s the shore rating of the barrels?

70A shore rated made in Germany springs.

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But would you say they are worth? :thinking: This is the first ive heard about trampa elastomeres, and they have my attention

The e-toxx? I have no idea. I don’t know if they are the same as the Trampa ones.

It is my understanding that the barrels are an industrial product and were first used instead of springs by e-toxx. Now Trampa also supplies the same barrels. I could be wrong though.

Whether they are better than springs, I do not know. I don’t have enough riding time on both to come to a valid conclusion and even if I did, setup preferences are highly personalized.