Trampa Street Carver / Dual 6374 / 12S4P / MBS 100mm

Well the time has come! I want to first thank you all for helping me get everything together to make sure I have the best parts for this setup. Here is where I’m at currently.

-15ply Trampa Deck. -Trampa trucks. Vertigo front and Infinity rear (rear no cutouts due to cracking issues with these wheels) -Torque VESC x2 -12s4p 30Q cells -Dual 6374 190kv BKB Motors -Kaly Motor Mounts -Kaly Battery Enclosure -16/40t gears -100mm MBS All Terrain Wheels -Vedder Anti-spark / On off switch -60A BMS -Metr Bluetooth Module

My goals were to have basically as much torque possible with still being able to achieve 30+mph. With these motors and this gearing I’m pretty confident I’ll be there.

Anyone that could provide tips and tricks I would greatly appreciate any insight. Right now there are a couple of questions I still have…

  1. Remote. The options seem to be pretty crappy. If I want a reliable thumbwheel remote that you can just turn on without calibrating each and every time it seems I only have maybe one option and that is the benchwheel. I’m not super psyched about the aesthetics but oh well…

  2. Waterproofing. I’ve seen talk of membranes, double sided tape, neoprene, etc. I want this to be as watertight as possible and I don’t really understand the process to make it that way. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll post pictures along the way and big shoutout to @Kaly and @Eboosted for primarily helping me out and answering my annoying questions :stuck_out_tongue:


We need pictures or it didn’t happen :smiley:


The nano calibration really isn’t all that bad. I really hated the idea of doing it at first but it takes so little time i barely notice anymore. Just a quick flick up and down and you’re set. Technically you don’t even have to calibrate but your brake and acceleration will be strong until you do. The ergonomics of the controller make it a pleasure to hold as well.

You can also get a GT2B and do the baby Buffalo mod on here, though it’s a bit uglier than the benchwheel remote imo

For waterproofing, I use automotive weather seal around my enclosure. While it’s not water"proof", I have ridden it in very wet (but not quite raining) weather. Think 100% humidity and drenched clothes. None of my electronics was damaged even though my battery isn’t sealed in any kind of shrink wrap.


Yeah Buddy, Now hurry up and build so we can ride!

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TB vesc will be out of stock for 2 weeks or more, they have had my vesc for almost 2 months… just keep that in mind… very nice people though

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Not ordering direct through torque boards

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@jinra there had to be a way to make it completely waterproof isn’t there?

@Kaly what are you doing for these ?

Maybe, but you’ll need some kind of silicone seal around the enclosure which may make it difficult to take apart (keyword “may”). You’ll also need to pick up ceramic bearings so they don’t rust. There are a bunch of other parts that will probably rust when you subject them to water though such as skate hardware nuts and bolts, and trucks.

I’m not sure if the bearings Kaly is shipping are rust proof. I know these trampa trucks don’t use standard 606 bearings.

I wonder how succeptible the vertigo and infinity are to rust @trampa

The steel should be covered with some thin oil. We have the Titanium trucks (Ultimate) if you live close to the see. Kingpins are also available in Titanium We also have stainless bearings.


Stuff coming in. Hoping to have this thing together by the end of the weekend :slight_smile:

Wondering the 8mm x 0.15 pure nickel strips will suffice for 12s4p setup.

Also trying to figure out a simple way to lathe these wheels down without a lathe haha. Burnout will work I suppose but man it’s messy !

Coming along! Thanks for @kaly for the parts!!!

And now for more inevitable questions…

  1. is the battery enclosure supposed to be centered perfectly on the deck? I didn’t realize that the batt box isn’t completely symmetrical front to back so for the two center joint to be right in the middle of the board the box won’t be perfectly centered.

  2. for serial connections I was thinking about doing either 14awg or 10awg. I saw somewhere that you want them close to the center of the pack to make sure the parallel doesn’t see full current (become part of series circuit). So would you suggest 2 in the middle like this?



The enclosure will be 1/4 in offset, just fit it within the bottom of the deck, keep and eye on the end corners.

On the serial connection you better use 4 pieces of 16awg for the connection it will be equivalent to 2 pieces of 12awg and will fit better.

@kaly All in the center or all 4 spread out evenly one per cell?

Do it like this on the 2 center cells

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Thanks crystal clear. Next up what the heck is that roll you sent and how / where do I use it lol?

Also front truck had 2 big spacers. Pulleys had small spacer and thin spacer. Are those zip ties to the pulleys to use inside the gap between pulley bearing and innermost wheel bearing?

Hey man. I am starting a Trampa build as well and was wondering if you made those 1s4p battery packs yourself? Or did you buy them welded like that?

I soldered everyhing together myself.

Few more pictures that I have been behind on uploading :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohh boy. That looks like a nightmare to open and close the enclsoure, haha. I’ve opened by board up like 100 times, but luckily I only have 8 hex nuts.