Trampa Street Carver, SK3 6374, 12S, VESC, and Trampa mount kit

this thing:

Is it also made to protect the pulley in some way?

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Our motor feature a long axle shaft which reaches into the support bearing. This releases most of the strain from the motor bearings. Your SK3 has a short axle shaft, so in your case its more a protective element. Beraing support really should be standard. If you can, replace the motor shaft with a long one.


Thanks for the info! I was thinking about how ‘‘inconvenient’’ these short motor axles are! In some cases you cannot make thick enough motor plate as there won’t be enough lenght of axle for the pulley to sit on!

Cool, thanks for including such a ‘‘feature’’ into your motor mount kits…

(thus reducing the strain / load on the motor’s bearings :wink: )

Ya, longer shafts are really needed… the motor shafts on my envy only reach about halfway into my pulley…

I don’t really know how long that’ll last (with the strain of the pulley system and all), but it’s been doing fine for the last couple hundred miles

Basically it eliminates other (radial) moments than torque on the bearings. Ideally you should have only radial forces, which these kind of bearings are designed for.

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This is a quick built from used parts we had in the warehouse. Ted asked me: Could me make another board of these bits up the shelf? I said sure. So we didn’t hesitate and got our hands dirty: 30 mins job using a simple 6S RC Hobbywing controller. The only solder job was the XT90s connector on the battery and controller. Quick and dirty, tons of fun to ride. The rear tuck is still switched to Street Carve position, so the wheels are a bit close to the battery enclosure. Just want to show how easy it is to build up a board like that. 600 Pound board, 60 pound battery, 80 Pound controller, 20 Pound radio, 5 Pound XT90s, 50A car fuses. 765 Invest, great fun already. 8S would be better though and not a lot more expensive. 12S with VESC would be 100 Pound more, still well below 1000 bugs.



How fast does it go? Looks great. still dont know if any of the ‘‘urban carver’’ trucks work for any pneumatic wheel type or not… will have to look into this a bit later :slight_smile:

Urban and Street Carve share the 100% same truck. On the street boards we reverse the hangers. To allow more space in between deck and wheel and have a wider wheelbase, we mount the hanger in “MTB/regular” position when using our pneumatic wheels. 7" Tires are used on the Urban Carve. 8" Tires are not only bigger in diameter but also wider, so the pulley would need to be spaced apart further. Never gave that a Try.

Speed: 6S = 22Km/h, 8S = 29Km/h, 10S = 37Km/h, 12S = 44Km/h, using the longest transmission and fastest motor.



So is the limit to the Carve board wheel 7"?

I would say yes. 7" is the best choice for such a board. Bigger is not always better! You also have to consider that its better to not to try to build an “egg laying wool milk pig”. Everyone wants super versatile boards, we know. We try to make our gear as compatible as possible, so you guys have more options. Lots of the components we use are shared with other products. With a bit of work, you could even fit the Carve Connectors to our MTB hangers. You would need to file down the alloy of the hanger a bit, so that two surfaces of the square hanger base a not rounded anymore + perpendicular to the axle shaft. I’LL try that out and post an image. I’m pretty sure it will work. I am really happy with the Urban Carve, so personally I see no need to fit 8" tires. But, thats my opponion and you guys may have another one.


The Carve with 7" does look good, but I’d prefer to have larger wheels since I want to use this new build for snow riding in the city. Also probably because bigger=more stable.

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Well, in that case you want a MTB setup anyway. To increase steering, you can simply ride without Dampas. With regards to steering, there is not to much difference to the Urban Carver having the springs in outer position. Depending on top speed, you want them there anyway. If you are handy, you can put the springs to inner position when using the INFINITY range MTB trucks. All you need to do is a drill the additional holes for the inner spring position. A simple drill and a M8 thread cutter are th eonly tools needed. I did that many times, when experimenting with the carve trucks. Its not to much of a job. Start drilling some 2mm pilot holes into the hanger and baseplate, use the first set as a stancil for the second. Our Decks can be reshaped using a Jigsaw. It takes roughly 30 min to cut the desired shape and sand down the edges. You can cut your custom Carve Deck from a 35° short MTB Deck.


Ps.: Bigger is not always more stable! Bigger wheels may be better in muddy conditions.

Hey! I’m a noob on here and everything I have seen that is made by you, looks awesome! Can you tell me what it would cost and take to build a board very similar to this one you threw together? I was going to buy a manufactured one, but this route seems much more enduring and stable. I think I want a urban carver because I feel like I would be able to go back and forth to street mode as well. Thoughts? Thanks for any info in advance!

Hi Cody 77, you need to decide what battery you would like to use. Best build would be using a VESC and 12S batteries and our 136kv motor. Another option is to go for 8S using a Hobbywing max6 controller. Top speed is limited in that case. Frank

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Thanks for the fast reply! Let’s say I get the VESV, 12s battery and 136kv motor. I live in Florida where there are not too many hills, so Indont think Inneed anything super torquey. Although, there are some killer golf course hills. :joy: What am I looking at total price wise? Should I go dual or single motor? Would I need to purchase anything else?

No Hills: Single is plenty of power. Its hard keep up standing while pulling the trigger.

You can always finetune your build, ad switches and lights and this and that. You would only need the cables and a XT 90S connector + a radio transmitter. Radios are not relly expensive. Prices can be seen on the website. 600 GBP is your best deal. You can pick the colours of the components.


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Thanks for all the info so quickly! I am super close to pulling the trigger and ordering one of these kits. I have a few more questions for you. I apologize if I am bothering you. I’m just completely new to this and a bit overwhelmed. Which ply board should I go with? I want something responsive, but stable. I don’t a lot of flex, just enough to give a more natural feel. I’m 6’3" and 200lbs. Can you tell me where I can get the cables, XT 90S connector, radio transmitter, VESC and the 10s-12s battery? I could not find any of these things on your site. do you recommend another company that carries the components that you don’t? Can you tell me how fast and how long a run, a 10s or 12s battery will get me with the 136kv motor? I think that is all…for now. Thanks again for all your help!


Hi Jeremiah,

choose the 16 Ply infinity.

XT 90S can be found on ebay or bought at local RC Hobby shops Quality VESCs 4.12 can be bought of or ollinboards. 10 AWG flexible Silicone wire can be found on ebay 2.4 Ghz Radios are from RC cars: GTB2 or just search the forum for other alternatives.



maybe it’s a little offtopic to comment here, anyone knows if you can use the trampa’s mountainboard holypro board and use the trampa’s urban carver trucks?