Trampa Street Carver, SK3 6374, 12S, VESC, and Trampa mount kit

Its Unique weight saving hole in the tip of the deck means its drill pattern will only fit to TRAMPA Spring Trucks. Spring Trucks are a much stronger design than the Skate Trucks & by far a more suitable option for advanced or quick learning riders.

Thats from their site

So you would have to drill new holes to match the carver truck & according to Ted Orr from Trampa, the carver trucks are made for a deck with the 35° bend at the tips (2cents)

thanks for the info

Theoretically yes, practically the cutout in the nose section is to big. The mini spring trucks feature inner spring positions and have in consequence a smaller cutout pattern. If you only use the outer position, it would work. Wheelbite is something I didn’t check! And the HP deck has the truck mounted further up the nose. In consequence the HP deck would sit lower and could touch the ground on extreme leans.


love the build inspring! I am building a trampa setup aswell but going to do dual motors how the performance on this one? And also how you like your batteries mounted ontop vs underneath?

Hi @Dogman1247, batteries on top have the advantage that they are out of the way and you don’t have to worry about impacts.

When you ride a board you usually don’t look at it… Technically the battery is better mounted on top or on the nose From an aesthetic point of view its better underneath. In two weeks we should have a new battery box, made from carbon, swallowing Lipos or up to 44 18650.


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Performance is great, with a top speed of 24 mph and plenty of grunt for hill climbing. As Frank writes, mounting the batteries and electronics underneath would look better, but, functionally, my current setup is nice in that there’s a nice carrying/pulling handle and it’s very easy to access the batteries and electronics. I don’t find the box on top to be in the way, but it’s a little ugly.

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I have decided to give up e-skating and am selling this board. Upgrades since this post include: a sensored Sk3 149kv motor, ABEC 11 83mm 75a Flywheels (genuine), ceramic bearings, and new Turnigy Nano-tech batteries.

I tried to post in the marketplace, but I seem not to have the right to post there. If interested, please PM.

Hearing these comments always makes me feel sad :cry:


@SteveS Thank you for selling me this board! I look forward to keeping this legend alive! This discussion board is and will be super helpful and I’m truly thankful to inherit such a legacy!

@trampa I’m the proud new owner of the board that is detailed in this discussion. Being that this is my first diy/customizable board I am super stoked to start with such a great base and I’m also a total noob. In addition to this board I also picked up a lot of trampa wheels from a guy in philly. I got superstar rims, gummies, 6.5” pneumatic street and the inner tubes. I think I got all the gears but I’m pretty sure I don’t have any belts. What belts would I need? I’m about to place an order for new tires since the ones that came with the lot are balding and I also want to add on bindings. Please help me find the correct belts!

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Belts depend on gearing and wheel choice, so you need to tell me what you plan to do.

I believe it’s 14t at the motor

I have 62 & 44 for the urban treads and the gummies

This is a list of the lot I bought to compliment the board.

image image

The board rides really smoothly and has great range on the 75a Flywheels; they’re premium wheels for a good reason. They were a huge upgrade in smoothness of ride over the stock Trampa Stickies of the same size. But I was really surprised that the range increased 25% with the Flywheels, which meant I could do my round-trip commute comfortably.

It’s your call, of course, but I’d at least try the Flywheels before you change to something else.

Absolutely will. I want to be able to rotate the three wheels and figure out what I like best. The one thing I’m worried about with the fly wheels is clearance. My city puts no money into maintaining its roads and earlier this year I broke three ribs when my board stopped short because the trucks hit a piece of rebar sticking through the pavement. If I had a half inch more clearance I’d have been safe. I do day trips to neighboring cities, parks and beaches I plan on switching out wheels in accordance to the terrain. I’m really excited to try the Abec 11 wheels. I’m not trying to modify the board in any way I just want to be able to switch the wheels out.

@SteveS. It arrived! Quick little thing!image

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Glad to read it arrived and that you’re pleased with its power — 12S LiPos and that big, low KV motor always delivered all the power I needed. PM or email me if you have any questions and enjoy the board!


I added a leash so it doesn’t end up in the harbor and a light for night rides. image

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@SteveS do you ride regular or goofy? I ride goofy and it feels like I should swap the drive motor to the other side. What do you think?


I ride regular and it worked just fine on that side for me. Are you having drive wheel slip problems? If so, I guess switching sides might put more weight on the drive wheel. If not, I’m not sure I see why it matters?

Yes, it’s better to get the drive under the heel (more weight) than toes :wink:
Nice little setup BTW, enjoy !!