Trampa Street Carver, SK3 6374, 12S, VESC, and Trampa mount kit

what @riako said; I think once you have it flipped around you’ll be much happier with the boardfeel of the Street Carver as you transition from flats into mellow uphills… feels very surfy with the power under your heel.


Awesome. Thanks guys!

So noob question here. I think I’m right on this but in switching the drive motor to the other side I would also have to switch the wiring to switch the rotation of the motor. Right? I’m not sure yet if I have reverse :rofl:

If you have sensor wires then you need to change it in the VESC tool, should be a button to reverse; if you have no sensors then just change any 2 of the 3 phase wires

Well I screwed something up. The motor was making some loud grinding noises and then stopped responding entirely. VESC is blinking red. Downloaded Vesc tool it says this image

I am not sure a fix for that as I do not have much knowlage with that. When the board was functioning how much range did you get?

I dunno. It’s been upgraded about six times since then. Now it does thirty.