This looks amazing, it something like it that I plan to build in the future


we hebben eerder contact gehad kun je mij helpen met het aansluiten van the new vesc-x.

Kunnen we een afspraak maken in Leeuwarden.

Mag ik jou email adres ik kan thuis niet op het forum komen alleen in de bibliotheek.

groet van Ype

Wow,Love the Wheels !!

…Is it just an illusion that the Back Wheels look smaller and wider that the Front??

this is GORGEOUS !!!

this wheels … love it and now wait for it :smiley:

@Randyc1: just an illusion. We will assure that the Carver will have tons of wheel options.

We will offer three different 7" pneumatic tires, a 6" pneumatic tire, the 125mm Urethane tire in different hardnesses and the regular 83 and 90mm street wheels. This way the carver will become the most versatile board you can imagine. The battery compartment is made from the same material as the deck, super strong and really really protective - Not just an ABS plastic cover to keep the dirt and moisture away.



So much want! Amazing job guys I can’t wait until this hits the market :smiley:

that board looks amazing @trampa ! nice idea with the slotted enclosure - it will bend without much resistance and still offer full protection :clap:

awesome. quality and innovation on point !

Nice! Looking forward to building mine

Looks amazing, count me in for one of these when you’re ready - checks all the boxes of what I was looking for and haven’t so far managed to put together myself :slight_smile: (Drop deck + small pneumatics, or those 5" PU - reckon that’s just what you need for a commuter board in the UK… Some nice builds like that posted on here, but those type of wheels aren’t so easy to get hold of, most that I’ve seen have machined their own custom ones…)

What board and trucks are used in that picture ?

if you are still busy designing: i think finger slots to carry it around would be really great. trampas arent very easy to carry, especially when you ran them through mud & dirt and you have no leashes installed! :sweat_smile:

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:heart_eyes: ok, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnt !! :smiling_imp: … you want me to stop all my build, and make this new crazy one, admit it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :innocent:

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@maxid Yo unfortunately i bought this peace of shit! Even when it’s really steep you have to push downhill because these wheels act like brakes!!! Unbeliavable ridicolous!

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Oh wow - that sucks. I just assumed it would be comparable to pneumatics in terms of additional “resistance”. One of the amazon reviews even states that he is happy with the board because he electrified it.

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Not at all! I think the dude wrote the amazon review before he realized that his battery range is only 3 kilometers! :joy:

Are the trucks the “Urbain” or “Street”

Which is best for street use?

The tires on that board seam to be solid rubber, high roll resistance. That does not work at all.

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There is no difference between the trucks! Urban and Street Trucks are the same Trucks. The only difference is the way they are put together (hanger reversed or in MTB position). This board uses the trucks with hangers in MTB position (non reversed). Its not a big job to change the hanger oriantation.


@whitepony The holes are a nice feature but they will always clash with the demand for wide battery boxes. Our battery enclosures are nearly as wide as the deck, so the holes are not what you want. A handle is also not what you want. The Flex and vibrations would kill it sooner than later + it looks funny IMHO. Boards also tend to hit a curb once a while and the handles would snap in that case. I will try to offer a longboard with a “holy” shape not clashing with the battery enclosure. We also made a slim battery enclosure ( one row of cellls) for short distance boards. This would work in combination with the holes in the deck.