Trampa truck steering dampening

Hi guys, I was browsing youtube and found this guy in Korea using bike radial steering damper on trucks to manage wobble and etc. Later on, by doing small research I found there are mechanical ones with a dial and electrical ones which use a 12V solenoid valve to manage the damping. Went on eBay found some second-hand electric steering dampeners cheaper than new mechanical. Was thinking it would be cool to connect the dampeners to VESC to get speed information and adjust the stiffness accordingly.

What do you think about this idea? I am thinking of something similar for my build

Here is the video I found:

Here is damper on eBay (There are many different style and model available)

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Yeah Nowind has a steering damper on his trampa and Moestooge also has one on his race board… search em out. There is a pic of Nowinds in the pic thread.

Yeah I already found them I am just thinking about electrical version of this stuff :smiley: Because to align two of them would be pain in the ass I guess

Sounds cool bro :sunglasses: if you can make it work… Will you be able to adjust front rear bias? that would be the shiznit Fast turn in on the front, more stable rear…

Having a 4WD eSk8 with active yaw control would be awesome too! Do you think you could program that?

Wait, so you mean the steering would automatically adjust depending on speed? That would be so sick! Is that doable, or did I misunderstand?

Like Cobber said, having the front looser than the rear would be the way to go if possible.

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Yes, it should not be a big problem.

I guess yeah

Yes, taking CAN/UART information from VESC RPM I guess because I don’t think VESC outputs speeds, and map a graph of dampness for each range of value or have separate SERVO input to be able to control from remote.


The idea sounds really nice on ‘paper’.

If this would be possible in real life that would be really great and would solve the wobble / loose truck problem entirely…

At least it sort of sounds like the missing piece on how to make board steer well at slower speeds but be stable when going faster

So yeh, im totally supporting pursuing this and trying it out.


I will be trying to get one of those dampers in hand and play around :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if it means anything but on my motorbike I had better luck with the seals on the piston type

than this sort of style (rotary type) now I’m not sure if you will have the same experience but keep a open mind if you encounter any problems with seals.

I will be using honda original part so I don’t think it should fail, plus the load difference between real bike and longboard is day and night difference I think

agreed load will be less, but possibly more vibration…

Yeah, but you never know until you try :slight_smile:

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don’t give up, try, try, try again… could be next level stuff, the purists will hate it because it works!

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The only hard part I think is mounting it because it will need 90º mounting bracket

what does your damper look like?

I am thinking of buying this honda cbr

I am scared that it will be way bigger than trampa truck itself :smiley:

what is your object? make a cool one for you or make a product?

Now just make it work, but if it works maybe machine top part from nice single peace aluminium and already with mounting bracket for the truck.

might be better off using a stock 2017 cost effective part, could be hard for numbers of other people to use what you learn. can’t wait to see what weight oils and valving you use to make it work.