TRAVEL BUILD with 10s4p modular Battery Pack


1.Modular 10s4p batteries with printed enclosures.

Each battery is 86WH - The whole total amount of wh after joining them togheter is 420WH. The batteries that were used is LG HG2. Each pack has 8 cells.

2. For the drive I will be using CARVON 2.5 SINGLE HUB. I expect the range to be around 25MILES.


4. JET SPUD - For the deck I want to use 34.5 JET POTATO.

5. ENCLOSURE And now the worst part …ENCLOSURE …I need to find enclosure that can fit around 38mm-40mm of height because the last battery pack is pretty huge due to the LED button that I am using. I pray to god that maybe @psychotiller could help here with some of his great enclosures.


Very nice build. Couldn’t you print an enclosure or maybe just end pieces? If you go the end piece your just get a couple of pieces of ABS and us a heat gun to bend the edges and lips around a 2x4 or any flat edge.

The problem is that I now have moved to California. I have no tools whatsoever…like not even a drill :slight_smile: I just need to find some kind of enclosure that could fit all the components. In the future I want to modify all the packs so they could be a little slimmer in height. I think I can get all of them to be around 25mm of height. Now the problem is that the biggest pack has 38mm of height because of the LED button that I am using.

Maybe find a maker space? Or contact @psychotiller, I’m sure he can help.

Yupp I’ve just sent him a message. I hope he can help here.

You printed those stickers yourself correct?

That’s right…I just put all the information about each pack, so guys at the airport know how much WH each pack has. According to airlines you can bring 4 spares and 1 in the device. That’s why I am using 5 packs in total.

That’s a sweet setup! I’d love to get one of my boards modular like this for travel!

How did you do the labels? Those look really professional.

Maybe another member here is nearby and can help with tools? Where you at?

You dont work for LG? And I’m guessing there isn’t such a thing as an LED studio lighting kit that these belong to? And they’re purely used for your e-board

I am in Los Angeles, West Adams, if anyone from CALI could give me a helping hand with finishing the build I’d highly appreciate hat. I’ll be making a vlog on youtube on monday tuesday to show you guys how the whole battery setup is working.

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hehehe …well actually you could possibly use it as a power source for LED …but .you know :slight_smile: but anyway all the other information on the sticker are totally correct. I’ve made the stickers to look nice …you know all the battery enclosures are black …so these nice BLUE stickers give them additional SAFE tone to it.

I love what you’ve done with the pack. Its very cool.

There’s some issues with that sticker though. LG is unrelated. You cannot legally use their name or logo on your packs.

LG/Samsung/Panasonic/Sony are pretty strict about who is an Authorized Battery Assembler and can use their name/logo. If for whatever reason you ever have issues with these batteries in a flight or airport you could also face legal charges from LG for using their name on a product that isn’t made by them. On top of that you also lie regarding the use of the battery.

If you ever have any issues while traveling with these packs there will be serious consequences not only for you but the e-skate community as a whole. Having your pack pretend to be something it isn’t doesn’t help…

I suggest you redesign the sticker and take out the LG chem logo. Maybe add a line that says something along the lines of “Assembled with LG Chem Cells” If you’re not comfortable stating their actual use, dont add anything at all.

My best guess is that you intended these packs to be deceiving. That’ll get you in trouble at airports fast and the last thing we need is more regulations as to what we can and cant bring onboard…

This is meant to be constructive so please do not take it the wrong way.


Good to know …I’ll take their logo down and print new ones. Well truth be told these power packs can be used to power anything you like pretty much so it 's not like they can’t do that. All of the packs were made according to flight regulations so they strictly fit into airlines guidelines. I’ll take down logo and 'll put GENERAL PURPOSE POWER PACK LINE which they are.

Just for the clean record…the logos are gone ! :slight_smile:


Sweet dude! Really cool stuff!

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You can print labels with a regular printer, you just need to buy the sticker paper stuff. I do it all the time for shipping labels

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These were INKJET stickers for regular ink printing. They are nice because you can take them off and they don’t leave glue marks .

I think I’m gonna do this to my 12s2p pack :slight_smile: thanks for the inspiration !


I’m in LA also. I could make you some aluminum enclosures like I have on my potato 29" and I put the electronics in a separate enclosure so extra height isn’t a problem.

Saul thank you !! I’ve talked to @psychotiller and it seems like he is going to save the day by making one enclosure for me with custom height for the inside components.

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Maybe not as nicely packed yet but I also followed the idea about ‘‘airplane safe’’ batteries…

These are consisting of 6cells each, with maximum wh rating of about 66Wh per module.

6 modules in total (for 6s pack)

@NAF Where did you get the info about that 4 packs + 1 in device?

I heard that some airplanes does not specify how many packs can you carry, if they are below 100wh mark… if they are 160wh or below, then only 2 are allowed…

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