Travel/Plane friendly build

I’m going to be traveling in the near future…I’d like to bring an eskate along on my travels so I can get around a bit.

What I’d like to have:

  • Discreet
    • The more it looks like a normal longboard the easier it’ll be with the TSA
  • Lightish
    • I don’t want to lug an extra 30 pounds
  • 15-20 mph
    • No need for landspeed records… just get me to places close to the hotel faster than walking
  • 5-10 miles of range
    • Not looking to commute a crazy amount… just get to a grocery store or restaurant near the hotel without walking
  • Cheap as I can get
    • If the TSA decides to confiscate the board… the less it costs the less painful it is.
  • 99wh plane friendly battery situation
    • Its going on a plane… gotta have a plane acceptable power source.

Initial Thoughts:
30 Inch Deck
Cheap Hub Motors (Meepo/wowgo/ownboard/Dickyho?)
Flipsky Dual 4.2 (Already have one)

Most of my questioning is around what battery to run with this setup.
I could do something like multiple 6s 4000ah Lipos… or something like a 6s4p made out of 2s4p nese modules?

I don’t think you can get it cheaper than this

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Add here, plane save battery. You don’t want your pack to strike in a plane.

Idk how it is in your place, but when I was flying last week with my boosted battery it took a good time to get it on the plane. They wanted to know all specs etc. Not sure how people can proof that on a diy build LiIon battery. Yes, you can print your own label, but in theory you can write there what you want. Who knows if they accept that.

I’ve flown with my build twice internationally:

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Yeah! I read your build thread… monster build :smiley: I took inspiration from the way you set up the winfly compression battery pack. I liked how that functioned… still up in the air on the battery situation… Winfly vs NESE or LiPO… I’m leaning away from Lipo though.

I’m making a little holiday board at the moment, using N.E.S.E. so the cells can be removed to get well under the flight limits. Next step is to fiberglass reinforce the 3D printed case/ image image


my google fu says watt hours is mah * V / 1000

so if you used a samsung 30t in a 10s1p, that would equate to roughly 108watt hours and a solid amount of amperage if youre using chinese hubs(really the only option I would choose if flying… you never know the skateboard laws of the area, or if they even follow them :open_mouth:

IMHO, i know 99 is a nice number they give you… but 9 over is probably fine :joy:

Just make sure to use good safety equipment, maybe just put it in a lipo bag inside the board for transport? Take it out and use it normally when you touch down?

how you explain the officer that your DIY pack is 99Wh and not 180Wh? What if he takes the max Voltage to calculate it and not the average Voltage? The thing I don´t like on it, is you can never be sure. It can go well for some time and than they just don´t let you pass throug…and i can promise you it´s the time you just want to change the plane and don´t miss the connection flight :sweat_smile: ok, as min that would be me and my luck for sure.

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Traveled to Taiwan with my TRAMPA. Lipo packs 99whr x4. Build thread is out of date but original thread here: Board was parted and checked Lipo packs were carried on. I also carry a copy of this:

Batteries come out and into its own bin with that print out for every checkpoint. Boston -> HK -> TW then TW -> HK -> Boston. I got stopped every checkpoint but cleared within 5 min

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I used the median voltage, which is the supplied voltage on the website I saw when I first googled it. If it escalates to them actually stopping me, they’re likely listening to my explanation. I would do a quick Google search to find the formula and show them basic math 🤷

And how you proofe that those the cells you google for?

Ok ok i stop, but I think you get the point. If they don’t want you to fly with this pack they will not let you as long as you don’t have a certificate that shows what battery it is and that it is proper build.

Ultimately… if the TSA doesn’t want you to pass… you won’t.

But if you’re using Lipos… it’s on the packaging.

I’m planning on using something like the NESE or Winfly style compression pack… if things really come down to it… I could just take the packs apart and have individual cells.


You can use the new Samsung 18650 2000mAh 20S, a 12S1p pack = 100.8Wh at 50.4v (but you use the nominal voltage at 3.7v anyway) and 88.8wh at 44.4v.

It is a 30A cell like LG HB2 with hard hit like Sony VTC5A. 45gr/cell.

TSA allows up to 4x spare packs of max 100Wh you can work with that :+1:

Edit : The more it looks like a manufacturer’s battery, the better. If you can print boxes with clean connector for each module and put a manufacturer looking label on the Box (read : a nice quality printed sticker with satin finish) it might go well with the TSA. Even better if you include the cells serial number IMHO.

I mean : have you ever had a laptop battery pack or a PowerBank held to custody ?

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Yes the most idel situation would be using nese where you can easily pop the individual batteries and look, you have 40 AA batteries :eyes:

Ya unfortunately there’s quite a bit of discretion left to the individuals. Hence I am always upfront and try to make it as easy as possible for the guys at the check points.


I had an experience where airport security asked if they could see my batteries. When they saw this they were like “oh 3.7v. That’s fine you’re good to go”


I did that when I flew internationally. I even threw in a flashlight in the box to make it seem like my batteries were for my flashlight.


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Not saying that’s not gonna work out. Just that there different people in different countries, who see things different. If I would be the guy at the security control with no big knowledge about batteries I wouldn’t trust the „home printed“ look labels on the cells. I know it’s common to have them on legit cells, but seriously they don’t look professional :sweat_smile:

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Agreed. Maybe using opaque shrinkwrap on this would make it seem more like a lipo.

I think small packs like a 4p nese looks pretty good,so. In general all this rules are more or less to be able to hold a potential fire under control. If there different small packs in different locations that’s way easier than a 533Wh pack.