Trying to connect hm-10 to vesc app

I’ve wired up my hm-10 bluetooth module to my vesc and the vesc app says it has connected to “BT05” and the red light on the hm-10 stops flashing but nothing happens when I tap on read configuration.

Is this Jacob’s app? I am getting a similar error, “service not found”

Maybe the man himself could help? @jacobbloy

I guess you have to set the UART baud rate to 9600.

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The baud rate has to be set to 9600 and there is time out settings that are changed in the firmware to help it work. If you are not using firmware from my website then it won’t work as Iv set these up already.

The baud rate is set to 9600 and Im using the software from your website.

Which hm-10 module is it exactly? Maybe you have the link where you bought it.

I believe I changed my bt module to 115200 a while back. I tried changing it to 115200 in BLDC but it didn’t work. I’ll reset it later

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I bought it from here

Are you supposed to do some sort of set up for it?

Do you power it by the 3.3V pin of the VESC or the 5V pin. It isn’t written on the board and also not available in the description but I think it is the 3$ version from China so you should connect it to the 5V pin. The most of these boarders can handle 3.6V to 6V. So 3.3V is not enough.

@Zoomy did you fix the issue?, I’m having the same exact issue as you

Sorry no, I haven’t got around to it yet. However after skimming over the replies above I noticed that @jacobbloy mentioned that the firmware from his website won’t work. I must have read that as if it did… what firmware should should work?

The board needs to be on the 9600 baud rate.

Make sure you have RX and TX opposite on the vesc then to the BLE module.

You need to be running the firmware from my website that is linked in the download .exe or the DMG file.

If you are running windows the exe installer will not replace the old firmware files in your program files folder so you will need to delete them before installing BLDC Tool on your computer.

The app will tell you an error like no firmware detected if there is a problem with connection.

If you are using firmware from Chakka,enertion,maytech,DIY electric skateboards or any other custom firmware then my app will no work.

Currently I have not payed my hosting bill so my websit is down.

Is the Bluetooth module connected to the 5V pin?

By the way - does anyone know how the values in the “Settings” page of the App are stored ? At every relaunch I have to type in my specs (Motor pulley, diameter, Battery Type, etc) new again. Is there a way to store it ?

Which app?

sorry I didnt specify - the “VESC Connect” App running on iOS exact the Screenshot as in the Picture on the beginning of this topic

everytime I start the “VESC Connect” app new the settings are all over the place and I have to set them up again to get the right readings

I personally cannot recommend the VESC Connect app at this time. If you’re on iOS, go with metr and perimetr (same developer, different purposes. Both free, but require you to purchase the bluetooth module from him, because they don’t all work). On android, hand down @Ackmaniac’s app. Heck, I use my android tablet, even though I’m an iOS user, because his app is that good :slight_smile:

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thats for sure I like the android app as well - that would be great having on iOS. And as I have a “normal” HC10 BLE modul I cant use the Metr app

Unfortunately there’s no solution for you at the moment. Sorry.