TSG Pass. Is this a defect?

I would like your opinion on the following pictures.




The hole started appearing in the helmet as a chip in the paint without having ever dropped or crashed the helmet at that time. The paint eventually fell off together with some of the fibers underneath revealling the void below them.

If you look closely the layer under the paint is extremely thin and there are bubbles below.

I dropped the helmet a few days after and the hole grew even bigger to what is shown in the picture.

What do you guys think, is this normal?

@Deckoz I remember you had cut your crashed helmet in half. Do you have a photo of the section in the ridge area?

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Well that’s no good :neutral_face: I can see the crack is growing. Only way to stop it from getting worse, is to drill a small hole just at the end of the crack.

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I would contact TSG, regardless of the age of the helmet and discuss a replacement with them.

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The helmet was bought in April 2018 but was not used until I got my board in June. I have contacted TSG but they have rejected my warranty claim.

Where in the world are you? In the UK they would have no choice but to replace it, the disparity between consumer rights in most of the western world is shocking.

Did you pay via credit card? Initiate a charge back on the basis that the vendor will not help.

I am in Greece and the helmet was bought through a French web shop. A claim through my credit card would end up with the retailer paying for TSG’s defective products (if is is a defect after all) and I have no intention on screwing them since all of my transactions with them have been nothing but stellar.


That’s cool of you, not a lot of people would do that.


I get that, it’s noble of you. TSG however should come to the table here.


I don’t know what else to do. I emailed them if this is normal, they told me to submit a warranty claim and then rejected it :smirk:. In my eyes it looks like a defect, obviously their opinion differs.

Another thing to concern yourself with here is that the retailer sold you this item and are ultimately responsible for it’s condition. I know you like them but they are a business and you are a customer. They should have taken the helmet back and contacted their supplier to arrange replacement.


I would contact the seller and then see if they can do anything a lot of times they will take it and they send it back to the manufacturer

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I know what the law is and my rights, however I believe in holding responsible the appropriate party. If the store I bought the helmet from (fulkit-skateboards.com) sent it to me damaged in any way then they should be held responsible. The helmet arrived in perfect condition and there was no way of knowing of the problem until the paint starting chipping. I contacted TSG and not the seller as technically they are they ones manufacturing the helmet and asked them if it was normal. Until that time I did not claim it was a defect. They sent me a warranty form to fill in and after one week told me my claim was rejected because in their words “we cannot proof when and how this hole came into the helmet”. Obviously they believe it is not a defect but it was caused by me (crash, drop etc) or they simply do not want to admit it. Since TSG has already made their verdict on the helmet contacting the retailer would only put them in an awkward position. Even if they sent me a new helmet I would feel bad knowing they might have eaten the cost for something that was not their fault. I want to leave on holidays in 2 weeks so sending the helmet back would leave me with no helmet until this is resolved. Plus the helmet has scratches when I dropped it while taking it out of my car’s trunk (something I never tried to hide and mentioned in my email to them).

Anyway enough with my rumbling.

So do you guys agree that this looks like a defect and is not normal?


Hard to tell from the pictures because I don’t know how they are constructed, if it’s as you say though and there was a hole under a thin layer of paint I wouldn’t be using that helmet buddy, there could be other manufacturering defects that you can’t see.

Personally my melon is worth too much to risk, I’m so damn pretty :smiley:

This is why I asked them if this was a defect.

In that case none of us should be riding eskates. :wink:

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I fear discussing whether helmets should be used after they have sustained damage or in your case arrived with damage. The last time that discussion happened on this forum things got pretty heated

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I remember that discussion and I agree with you.

Best thing in a case like this is to take pictures as soon as you find something strange on a product. They may help you later if, like in this case, it´s gotten worse. I had a few guarantee claims where they wanted to see pics of the progress of the failing, which i took, and they where totally fine and agreed that this is not a user error. My visor broke on my TSG but where loose before, i took pics. Now they supplied me with all new parts for it and were really fast with it.

But i agree that it´s not always in our nature to just document everything that looks a bit strange :alien:

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Great idea, I will do that in the future.

Contact TSG, that shouldn’t have happened. They will offer warranty.

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I did. They rejected my claim. All the details are mentioned above.