Tuning vesc, shutdown but no fault code..SOLVED

Motor: Tacon Bigfoot 160 - 245kv

Vesc: Ollin Boards VESC

Mount: DIY’s 63mm Motor Mount

Driveline: DIY’s ABEC 16/36 drive and 12mm belt

Batteries: 2x Turnigy 3s 8000 mah 30c Lipo

Controller: TorqueBoards 2.4 ghz Nano

Board: White Wave Shocker Caliber II 10" Trucks Hellion Bearings Miami E Board’s 83mm Flywheel clones

Accessories: B6 AC Charger JST 6S 20cm Extension Miami E Board’s Power Switch Miami E Board’s Charging Port

After about a month of research and advice I have finally ordered all of the parts for my first build. I think I have covered everything but feel free to let me know what I have missed or your opinions! I will update this thread as I build.


How many 3s batteries are you using mate ? Post some pics of your items :call_me_hand::+1:

Pls don´t use the nano remote, it´s not really reliable and does have cutouts. Better take this one: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-2-4ghz-mini-remote-controller/


Or if you really like to have a thumb control, buy the benchwheel remote from aliexpress :+1:

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Im using 2x3s

The Torqueboards mini remote is excellent for control and dependability. And a pair of lithium AA batteries will last up to a year in this remote!

Well guys the motor arrived last night. It kinda sucks having such a beautiful thing just sitting on the table awaiting its companions. If everything goes as planned, all parts will be in house a week from today. The only part I haven’t received a shipping notice for is the VESC from @chaka. Hopefully soon!

Trucks, mount, and controller arrived today.

Parts are all in except the VESC! Take a look at the wiring here and let me know what you think. Yes, they are taped together for mock up.

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Wiring looks good. But I’m assuming you’ll cut it all to length when you’re soldering on the right connections?

I had the exact same setup on V1 of my first board. After one test ride I ordered two more of those batteries. Really needed that extra range.

i will leave everything as is until its all tested and i will then cut everything to fit. Is there a problem with keeping the bullet connectors?

Oh, no not at all. I just thought they weren’t the right ones since you hadn’t connected them.

Everything has finally arrived and the board is together. I made a few test runs today and was happy to finally be riding. However, I have a few concerns.

6S (2x5000mAh 30-40c Lipo) VESC 245 kv Tacon 160 63mm


  1. Batteries at full charge and the range was about 3 Miles.
  2. Acceleration was pleasant but with any hill the board would struggle greatly.
  3. Braking above 12mph was nearly impossible and felt as if no brakes were present.

Current VESC settings:

Current Limits Motor Max: 45A Motor Min (regen): -40A Batt Max: 40 Batt Min (regen): -12 Absolute Max: 130A

Voltage Limits Min input Voltage: 8.0V Max input Voltage: 40.0V Batt cutoff start: 21.0V Batt cutoff end: 19.8V

Any ideas or opinions on VESC settings?

I also run 6s and was asked for advice aswell. Here is the post: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/vesc-first-time-vesc-configuring-some-questions/18912

If you read throught it you can deduce the sertings i used. Havent ridden with these settings though. Good luck!

@thylen11 thanks for the link. I read through your thread before posting but out motors are far different KV. Was hoping one of the veterans would have input.

Yea the motors are different indeed. Although I’m not quite sure if that matters. There will be a different torque and topspeed I suppose but dunno if the vesc parameters change when you change the motor. I believe only the motor detection part changes not the bldc tab.

That makes sense. My main concern is I feel my range is far to short. I’m getting about 3 miles before the batteries are low enough the vesc shuts down.

if you change out the old motor to a new motor of the same model and type, you’ll only need to run motor detection.

If you change it out to a completely different motor, you’ll want to tweak your settings more than that based on how it feels when you street test.

A 5Ah 6S is only going to give you about 5-7 miles max, its barely more watt hours than an airplane freindly boosted (99wh) and if you’re going fun speed, expect less than that.

I certainly don’t want to change motors as this whole setup now has only about 7 miles on it. If the low range is all I can expect for this battery setup I am willing to add additional batteries. I would like to add to my current setup considering the money invested in what I currently have. What would you suggest?

You could double your range by going 6S 4P with two additional lipos if you can squeeze them onto your board. That would probably be the least expensive option. 10+ miles is a fun ride.