Turnigy 150a Brake not work

Hello. I have a problem with a very weak brake. The film shows that the brake is very weak. I suspect that you need to set something in the software just do not know which option suits it.

Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6ceg1Wxbr1pbkxpUzloWUQzSDg Software screen: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6ceg1Wxbr1pQ3NMdlB1QzFCbDQ

Well. It is rc CAR esc so that’s about it. Those are made for lightweight rc cars not for esk8.

Previously I had a fvt 120a and the brake was very strong and also it is an esc for the car

Fvt is exception in my opinion. Very few car esc has good brakes.

I can not have stronger brakes? I lost $ 60 ;-;

Did you set it up to max to test it out?

It looks like there are quite a lot brake functions actually…

What is this 'Stage brake’˙ ? @Lisu

I set everything up to maximum and the brake is stronger but it is still too weak Stage break

Honestly… I dont know what else to recommend… U can always make a different gearing for your board - for more power for example, Ive heard this also helps but im not 100% sure…

On a side note - sometimes it is better to have weaker brake, than a too strong one :wink: :smiley:

can you make a video how you test the brake and how good or bad it is now?

Compared to the fvt, the brake is very weak. I regret that I bought such shit …

The film unfortunately will not send, my internet is very weak :confused:

Which controller can I still buy to make the brakes good? I have a 6s battery and a sk3 6354 motor

fvt 120 6s?

From banggood…

What happened to your previous controller ? u said u know fvt had strong brakes.

Burned down under heavy load :frowning:

you can tune the brakes on that ESC very strong! I have used that ESC and had it braking so hard it stops the board dead and you street your face! you just need to change the settings with the program card.

have you changed the brake rate switch point setting???

I have a program card. Which option can I set stronger brakes?

I think maybe your brake rate switch point is wrong and you are only getting 1 stage brake 10%

These are my current settings and the brake is still weak

change it from 99 down to something low

Change which option? 1st stage break

your settings are all messed up. can you just restore default?