Turnigy 50A VESC

I am not sure if this product is new to the market or has been there for a while…

Turnigy started making the VESC (which is open sourced so that makes sense). Interesting… they are using v4.10 Hardware. They are also selling conversion kits for skateboards, with single sensored motor and recommended 10S configuration.


Forever immune to the VESC trademark.

Good price though.

slightly older hardware. and the advantage of HK as a big supplier is that they would have more (generally) stock than smaller suppliers and returns and warranty would be easier.

Can some one explain what are the differences (older hardware?)

According to Vedder:

4.10 - 4.12 are very similar and use the same firmware. The difference from 4.10 to 4.11 is that I made a trace thicker, and the difference from 4.11 - 4.12 is that I added a capacitor to GVDD on the DRV8302, after what I discovered here: http://vedder.se/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=68

Source: http://vedder.se/forums/viewtopic.php?t=124


So FOC won’t work as good on this one?

Foc won’t work good because it is made with low quality parts, like Maytech Vesc

Hmm can we get any official info from : @trampa Frank about Turnigy using VESC name?

Holy crap their motor mount is CHEAP… wonder the quality? At those prices I might buy one or two just for science…


Got a link?

Complete kit here:

Not even $9 USD!!! and it looks solid as well!

Wow, that’s cheap as fuck! I just grabbed a few, hopefully they are decent quality and not on backorder for too long.

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and @overint I’d be surprised if these were anywhere near decent quality, so good luck :slight_smile:

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It’s funny to finally see an RC company start producing electric skateboard parts.

It’s sad because I fear people will buy these, they will fall apart quickly (is that motor mount made of plastic? really?), and associate the quality with all parts on the diy market. These VESCs likely are using fake parts, which means they will break at some point under normal operation. However, when they fail, they will associate this to all VESCs (as I did back in the day with my first 2 enertion VESCs that broke almost immediately under normal operation), but the reality is, good manufaucers (like Chaka) make stable and reliable VESC 4.12s. We need more vendors with quality parts, not more vendors with cheap, low quality parts.

Also wondering wheres trampa to enforce their trademark?


I dont think they plan to do anything for v4.xx hardware. I don’t entirely agree that it’s bad for the market. I believe more competition is always good, even if the products are shitty. Shitty products won’t stay on the market long, and will force their hand to improve the product or bleed money.

Competition breeds innovation.


I don’t see the fact that a major player in the hobbyists space entering a new domain - that being a bad thing. I recall when hobbyking started selling naze32 and particularly entered the drone racing scene which is still very strong running today. As all of my pals looked at it as 'now our special hobby would be spoiled by hundreds of new people’all getting parts from hobbyking… end of the day the competition dropped the prices down and new models came out too because of competition. We still consider hk to be backwards and slowly catching up with the latest in the market, but that flow of new ppl proved to be a good thing after all.

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To some degree, I think this is true. But the problem is that the market is still so new, that the logic enertion used to operate off when they sold the v4.xx, will apply to maytech and now turnigy, which is they get so many new customers, so who cares that a sizable portion of people had an issue with their VESC? tThey will always find new, unsuspecting customers who fall into the trap, likely because they are on a budget). It will be a few years before they monetarily have a reason to improve their VESCs, because their will be better and cheaper VESCs by then IMO.

I think we are finally going to see the actual benefit of the TM after this hobbyking move; if there wasn’t a TM the huge public of uninformed hobbyking hobbyists would immediately associate the name vesc with poor quality and the word would have spread; instead the name vesc will be taken down soon; plus they will have to say “based on vesc…” and this is just free advertisement for the vesc project on the biggest hobby store…

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I think comparing drones to electric skateboards is a bit misleading, no offense.

Drones run on a fraction of the electric and stresses that electric skateboards do. It’s one thing to sell drone and boat and rc car stuff, but electric skateboard parts need to be very strong, both physically and electrically. My friends racing drone runs at 3s with 1.5 amp ESCs, were talking about 50 amp VESCs at 12s or 10s.

This will be bad for small players, as stated before, and most importantly, I think it will be bad for consumers because the china market already produces a lot of really shitty and cheap parts as it is. This leads people to fall into the false economy, which Jason, I, and many others have fallen into. (not to knock everything that comes from china, cause a lot of good stuff still comes from there. But if your aware of the kockoff kockoff boards (yes, thats a double knockoff), you know what I’m talking about)