Turning circle & turn responsiveness | Base plate angles & wheelbase length

I’m thinking of moving the front trucks back and cutting the board down shorter to make it turn better. Its a little to long to make the turns I need it to.

why don’t you wedge the trucks instead of cutting the board?

also I think its a great move going to the Car ESC. you wont regret that.

the trucks are wedged. Omg it turns so much better now.

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the shorter the wheelbase the greater chance for some speed wobbles too.

One things that makes turning circle rapidly improve is a kick tail! you can now turn on a dime.

Tested it and no speed wobbles. Now I don’t have to stop to get turned around 180 degrees.

It looks like a beheaded longboard, kind of disturbing, especially with the “head” still laying behind the board.

Lol that’s funny :smiley: off with its head ! Now turn!

how do you go with wheel bite now?

What wheel bite with two spacers under the trucks?

LOL, none of the other photos really showed the spacers/wedges.

just on a tangent here… but still topic related. have you ever put trucks on backwards?? its ridiculous! impossible to ride! leaning left turns right etc.

its fun tho… for science.

I did that once as a joke. Kevin didn’t think it was funny when he fell on his ass trying to ride my board with the trucks on backwards. Lol if you only turn one around the board scoots side ways without turning.

haha calibers have the kingpin facing out (along with most longboard/downhill trucks), whereas alot of other trucks have it on the inside.

I put my first pair of calibers on backwards for that same reason, lol.

also, on a side note @Daniel92104, isn’t riding with two spacers ridiculously annoying? I hate even having to put on one…

You don’t like spacers hey. Well I used them for ground clearance issues do to the large batteries I was using. Well I can see now that with all this ground clearance and 97mm wheels I can ride right through the grass ! like I did today at the park.

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Yeah my mate did the same thing that’s how I found out. He had the same rationale. Kingpins face inwards on most trucks… All trucks have pivot cups outwards though.

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I removed one spacer on each truck and the board seems easier to ride now.

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