Twin sk8 6474 on tb218s w dickyho mounts...?

hey guys just wondering if anyone has mounted dual sk8 6374’s on tb218s w dickyho mounts. idk if it’ll fit and the only other option would be diagonal mounting or yin yang mounting em. also what belts yall using? any helps appreciated thank

Why don’t you get the 6374s from @torqueboards, they will fit on the 218mm tb hangers

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i like the look of the sk8 better and they’re a higher wattage edit: it’s also about $100 more for me in Australia

I’ve got dual 6364 SK8 with dickys long mounts and his 15mm pulleys, lemme grab a photo for ya when I’m home, doubt there is room for 6374 considering the length of the SK8s

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cheers mate preciate it it does say that the 74 is 80.7mm with the nipple thing at the end so if you could do some measuring that’d be great :metal: @kalebludlow

IMG_20181018_171745 IMG_20181018_172444

Few things to note about this setup

  • this is only a mock setup as I don’t have the hardware for a full setup (currently running single motor) -these are the 6364 -the wheels are spaced out are far out on the axle as I feel safe doing, with the nut being placed on backwards (nylon first) -there is obviously room for error with the placement for things -there is roughly 12mm in the middle -the big belt is 15mm, the small one is 9mm, will be running 15mm on both once I get second ESC

Edit: it can’t really be seen from the photo, but I have measured just the motor and not the mount, it’s also a cheap caliper so give room for error with the measurement

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Don’t recommend using the dicky wheel pulleys unless you feel like grinding down or cutting the hangar

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@kalebludlow so you rekon size wise it would fit all properly? it sorta looks like it would? @dareno did a build with twin 6374s so i dont know

This is simply personal opinion, but I think if you used 12mm belts, and moved everything a bit closer than I have, then it probably would. I could move the motor pulleys up a couple mm

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hmmmm okay. with that size motor i’d wanna go 15mm though so i guess imma just wing it and hope for the best? :joy: i think it’ll be a squeeze but with enough spacing between the trucks and wheel (a bearing or a washer or 2) it should be just fine. gonna probs order the motors next week :crossed_fingers:

Thats why I decided to go with 6364, at least I know its gonna fit with a little bit of wiggle room

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Can you do me a favour and measure between the mounts at their furthest setting on the hanger? I’ll measure mine and compare. I don’t have the sk8 on tb’s anymore but I do have the set up that used to have them still at the same distance apart.

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^^^^^^^^^^ :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

SUPER roughly 155mm

Edit: yeah thinking it over in my head the measurements make no sense, I dont think Im any help

Mine have almost no axle through the nut and the distance between the mounts is 172mm The motors had about 3-4mm between them.

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Yeah so in other words my measurements are shit :laughing:


god skating on thin ice here :joy:

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Its not near you then? Inside measurement from plate to plate.

@mynamesmatt do you have the mounts and trucks?

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i will have the trucks next week. i’ve got the mounts so i’m just hanging out for the trucks. If push comes to shove i’ll just yin yang the motors on the rear truck, but i’m hoping this won’t be the case.

just make sure the nylon is fully engaged in the nyloc nut and all good. When you go to set the mounts up give me a shout and if I can help I will. Good luck.

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