Twins! Trampa E-TOXX Helical Direct Drive 12S4P Builds

Hello fellow eSk8rs,

My friend and I live in the states and just graduated from Evolve Skateboards. The boards were fun for a while but we want something better. We are creating this build log to get help along the way.

Right now we are in the process of selecting and ordering parts. Our proposed parts list is as follows…

The Board from Trampa: Trampa HS11 16Ply Deck Superstar Hubs Vertigo Trucks Some 7 or 8 inch tire binding with heel straps [Ratchet or Velcro?]

Drive Terrain: E-TOXX Dual Direct Drive 1:5 w/ helices & 3mm keyways

Enclosure: eBoosted’s fiberglass enclosure

Electronics: 12S4P [deciding on what cells to use] esk8 1.2, Enerton Focbox [deciding] Alien Power 6384s 200kv Sensored Anitspark switch from BMS from BesTech Power [deciding on the two from below depending on how much space we will have but feel free to toss out some other recommendations] Recommendations on a good charger would be nice fuses will be place in charging circuit and power circuit

Remote: Custom, following the thread below

Hopefully I will see you back here with some new parts in hand!


Samsung Q30s Have a bulletproof reputation. Some people say Its underrated and can easily do 15a and even go over that.

batteries like Samsung 25R are known to get hot while running at 20a. (I don’t know this for fact read a few posts that said that)

looks like a slick :dark_sunglasses: build list dude!

I’d drop the kv on these a bit if I was you, with a 200mm tire max theoretical top speed will be just over 40mph. somewhere over 30mph torsional twist on Trampa decks is a real safety issue.

I have 160kv, you can still run the 200kv if you want but please be careful & gear up, even releasing the throttle can induce the board to buck and shimmy :ramen: at +35mph.

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Beast incoming !

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that’s not possible. it’s ez to fuck up batteries, no matter what kind they are

also, they can do 20a continuous while staying cool.

note taken. I might go down to the 170kv motors.

I’ve also heard good things about the Q30s cells. Do you know where the best place to buy nickel strip and shrink wrap for building packs? I’ve heard of a lot of crap nickel strip out there.

You might want to consider buying the holy pro 35 instead of the HS11. Especially if you plan to mount your batteries underneath the deck, and want a little more ground clearence for offroad :wink:

I have both 170kv and 130kv coming… But 170 on 8" tires on 12s…is still 39ish top…

Anyway just something to think about…like @Cobber said…

Also 12s4p is a little small… 80amps constant. On a mtb…

I tried ebay Chinese sellers but it takes to long. so option 1 amazon if you find something that is fulfilled by them option 2 banggood you can buy express post

this is all I know wish I could help more.

Thanks! I’ll look into it. Was wondering about that. What flex rating would you recommend?

Cant recommend one Since i dont know your weight, but Trampa has alot more information on their site :slight_smile:

I don’t quite understand why the holy pro deck would give me more clearance. From what I can tell they are exactly the same with exception of the weight saving holes. Same 35 degree riser angle. :slight_smile:

So what battery configuration and kv would you recommend for this setup?? I’m not a speed freak or anything, only looking to hit 30 max. :sweat_smile:

Sorry are you planning riding street or off road?


Both, but probably not riding on anything too rough off road. probably going to drop down to the 170 kv. I also think that 12S4P is fine; basing the battery pack off of eboosted’s pheonix build. Saw your post of that, thanks! :slight_smile:

His is pretty much for riding rough road and trails at most…

You’ll need more if it’s full offroad. Otherwise your range will suffer likely. If your mostly on the road don’t worry I guess

I’m assuming you mean larger packs? With my enclosure I can only fit 8 batteries wide so 5 pack really isn’t an option.

I am running Alien Power HEV 6374 200kv that tested at only 174KV The advertised Kv rating is not always the true rating.

Here is a good thread about advertised vs true motor kv.

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True Nama, but take Bimmers 170kv motors, they are testing out to 174kv… & my scorpions are within a few kv. How heavy are your motors Nama? I think the lighter motors often come up low? I could be wrong though, just my limited experience with a handful of different motors :thinking:


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