U.K. Seller used Alien motor and drive, Psychotiller mount, drive pulleys


One drive set with wheels and trucks (100mm wheels) from eight ball cruiser 2 with alien power system 190kv motor. I ran it in 6s with a fvt 120 esc and it went well. £100 plus postage.

1 psychotiller mount only dry fitted to a motor, never used. £35 each plus postage.

Drive pulleys 10mm wide for 9mm belt. 8mm shaft 15 tooth 2 grub screws at 90 degrees to each other. £4 each plus postage.

Let me know what you want on the thread and PM please. Payment by PayPal gift or cash on collection.

All hubs now sold.

Jacob’s Hubs provisionally sold.

Hummie’s hubs sold.

What trucks do the @psychotiller mounts fit?

Caliber and caliber II with the little shim provided. There may be more? I’ll see if I can find any more info.

That’s correct! I also have the ripba mount which will fit my house trucks on the site as well as seismic, Paris, Randal, and a few others with slight milling (filing if you don’t mind a little honest work)

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Prices dropped!

I am interested in the psychotiller mount but i am holding off for a bit

No Probs, I’ve got 2! No rush, just trying to clear the decks a bit. Tons of stuff and no complete boards!

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Anyone had experience using the motor mounts on paris 180s


My OG mounts (in this thread) won’t work on paris trucks.

This one will work on Paris trucks but you will need to file or mill off about a mm of material from the circumference of the hanger.


Ahh thats too bad i need to find someone in the UK with motor mounts

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Have you tried alien?

How much would you take for the two psychotiller mounts shipped to NYC? Not sure what the shipping would be

Hi, sorry for getting back so late. It looks like about £15 shipping? It may work out better getting them direct from psychotiller? He’ll be able to ship them cheaply and easily and you won’t get hammered for import tax… Although saying that I managed to get away without paying any tax coming this way.

Cheers Ben

Yes, you are right, should go to a UK buyer better, thx

All hubs sold. Mounts and motors still here.

Where are you based in UK? this might be a stupid question considering your username

Dorset only know because of the group buy

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Yep, near Weymouth in Dorset.