U.S. battery builder (solved)

Would someone in the US build me a 12s3p/4p pack if I sent batteries and nickel strip as well as a 12s balance lead? Just need it to be protected and heatshrinked. Please let me know how much?

@barajabali is your man. :wink:


Can u give me a quote @barajabali

@scepterr is the man


@scepterr and I have done business together in the past and he has been a great person to deal with and have a great wealth of knowledge to me as well. @scepterr u want to give me a quote?


Thought he just dealt with customers in NY. Good to know.

@dg798 We should have some in about a week. All of our 12s4p packs come with a 60a/150a bms.

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I can’t afford the packs on ur website though. I want to buy the supplies and send it to someone just to build for me which would be cheaper

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Not really. You’ll spend 200 to 300 on supply’s then most battery builders will charge 100 to 200 yo build plus you won’t get a warranty on the cells.

Darn it for real? That sucks I didn’t think it would be so expensive. Then never mind, I will have this thread updated to no need anymore because I can’t afford it

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100 - 200 is fu**ing expensive lol! would never buy for those 1-2 hours of spotwelding nickelstrips to cells…

@dg798 i would do it for you but i am in Europe…

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Thanks for the offer. Very kind of u. Socks that ur in Europe though and I’m in the US.

You’ve obviously never built a quality pack, 4 hours minimum.


I can assemble for $120 shipped


Depending on where you are located I would send the cells or if your ordering the cells have them shipped directly to who ever you want to make your battery. @scepterr made mine because he is in NYC and I’m in Jersey sonit Made more sense. There are a bunch of guys who can make your battery for you. There’s @barajabali in Chi town, @psychotiller in Cali @longhairedboy in FL and @scepterr in NYC those are the guys I know off the top of my head but I know there are many others


Damn, I just need a 10s3/4p at the max for my small build. Might have to contact on of these gentlemen soon.

will let you know soon. thanks

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Check my packs and see for yourself, I solder them which needs even more time and with good preparation this is absolutely no problem

Like I said, quality packs…

Has absolutely nothing to do with quality :joy: