UK MEMBER ? | Introduce yourself here! :)

Do you like the RS wheels @sk8l8r ?

I have some in red but have never used them - I think they feel hard

By the way guys, I can recomend you join Electric Skateboarding UK on facebook, we have group rides when the weather is nice!

really like them, opens up so many more areas, they roll really well due to minimal contact


a local pothole but with these wheels, if you see it you can at survive*

  • (stance dependent none of this ‘stiff leg’ style riders round here)
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What are they like on smooth tarmac? Do they vibrate a lot? Do they have a small contact patch?

They are really nice on smooth and quiet. Made my board way more comfortable on rough roads, grip seems good in the dry, small contact makes them feel little slippy in the wet and not tried sliding them yet…

Only had one problem with them, carving and leaning into a corner after hitting some of those bump strips at a crossing i ended up being bounced off course so much i had to bail.

Also, taking them off road ‘properly’ drains battery big time.

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Ah cool, yeah weather dependent our main factor just now for getting out for a blast.

Yeah saw those wheels been thinking of getting something bigger for myself i like the look of the mbs all terrain they 78a bit softer, haven’t ridden any wheel that big does your board feel bit high with those wheels on?

Yeah one of my friends has just started getting some parts to build himself one, that one more so far for group ride :grin:

Might as well add my self to this thread. South Birmingham / Redditch

Living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Been a member for year and a half now, only just thought to introduce myself :slight_smile:

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Been a member for 9 months… only just noticed this thread…

I’m 44 Based in Oswestry, Shropshire

I’ve built/got a pintail carver single 12s with keda 190kv And evolve wheels that my kids use. And my daily drive a custom with kick tail, single dark matter motor at 12s.

Both decks have vac formed custom abs enclosures on custom maple decks made with the roarockit thin air press…

Looking to build a 2wd emtb this year to deal with the crap roads around here! I’m going to try and make an evo type deck on a cnc routed mould as the basis. Please feel free to recommend trucks… I want to run dual dark matter motors.

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Yo I’m from the south west

Where in the southwest?

Born and bred in the midlands UK. Noted there are no meet up groups or central places for planning and meetups for the midlands…

So i have taken the honours.

whatsapp =

facebook =

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It is enjoyable to learn how to draw a skateboard step by step.