UK seller - 2 x Chaka VESC, 6355 motors & mounts, etc. etc

Hi guys I have just got to many boards lying around and for my next project I need the deck of my dual 6355 build. Before I strip it apart I want to see if there is any interest here to get the parts before I put them on Ebay. What I will have will be: 2 x Chaka VESC (CAN connected and with DIY mini controller) - GBP150 for all 2 x Paris motor mounts with practically brand new 6355 230KV motors (including 15T gear) GBP100 each 36T wheel gears with mounts for ABEC Flywheels (aluminium) or ABEC clones (3D printed) included in above. 4 x 83mm Flywheels (Original) GBP30 4 x Complete pneumatic dual setup - wheels 5", with extra tubes and tyres + tool for tyre changing. Includes 60T gear s+ hubs on two wheels + belts - GBP50 1 x Electronic Anti-Spark switch 2-14S 120A - GBP20 3 x 14T - 8mm shaft motor gears

Various other stuff I probably have that I never used. I shall post pictures if anyone is interested. Postage is extra. You can google the costs as well as I can.


At work at the moment but here are a few pictures I have here:

Initial setup

VECs placed on small platforms for better air circulation / cooling. Aslo placed small heat sinks on MOSFETS. If you want the platforms you can have them too.

First pneumatic setup with 50mm motors. Changed later to 6355 motors.

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Oh, and if you are in the UK and want to come and ride the board before I start breaking it up you are most welcome. Everything in perfect working order.

I would take one motor mount if you do start to dismantle please.

I would take a vesc and the anti spark switch if u start to sell them piece by piece pls

Hi Guys If someone else wants the other VESC and the other motor mount I will start stripping and sell separately. If I do that I shall of course send individual photos of each part you will get before we do the transaction.

PS I take it you are both in the UK? I am in Bournemouth if that helps.

I’m not in the UK, I’m in Spain

Let me know if this is a problem

Yea in in uk Cumbria so postage on a mount shouldn’t be an issue how much would you want for just the one mount?

@Jujet - no problem mate, just the postage gets more expensive.

@ Alex - I would rather not split right down to just a mount. To many pieces left over. Mount would be with 6355 motor and both wheel and pinion gears + belt. All together 100 quid.

Ok yea I would only want just the mount have motors and pullys. Well if you split and someone wants motors and bits then give me a shout.

@ Alex Sure thing mate. Just hate the hassle of the postage for all the bits - but if it goes that way I will post it on here. I am in no rush though so may take a while if it does go that way. I am hoping someone want to build a dual :slight_smile:

Hey man, new to building but definitely interested so would appreciate some help here. haven’t even began to buy parts yet so i’m starting fresh (own numerous long board/skateboards etc).

Would the motors/vesc’s/wheels all work well together? I presume this would just leave me with batteries to buy?

I’d be pretty keen for a lot of this, so hopefully we can figure something out (UK too, way up north) Cheers

I recommend building a single drive for your first skateboard. This way, I can get a VESC too :smiley:

I would take everything without the vescs or with, depending on what the others want.

Now that would of course make everything easy, one package.

Below are a few pictures of what is offered. Any questions just ask.

Just say exactly what you want, if a lot I would pay shipping to UK mainland. (Or offer a discount)

Well I would take either the whole package or just everything but the VESCs. I live in switzerland :smiley: Whats your total price with discount? I will check what the shipping costs. I assume you still need the paris trucks XD

Well they are all on a present build which is up and running. Motors are genuinely practically new. VESCs have not run for more than 10 hours I would estimate, the motors maybe 1 hour. (Had 50mm before) I have built a few boards and can honestly say I have more fun building them than actually riding them. I prefer my LDP board (so just pumping without motors). :slight_smile: I just have to many boards,with and without motors, right now. (If that is possible) If you bought everything off this board all you would need is a deck and the batteries. Oh, and the trucks. Shit, if you really want I will sell it as is, a complete and running board - but where is the fun in that. You gotta say you built it yourself. :slight_smile:

Both mounts are slightly eroded by ground contact on the corners, see photos

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Wheel gears. 36T Both ABEC original wheels and clones. ( clones are 3D printed but honestly are the best fit of all the variations of all types of gears I have used)

83mm ABEC Flywheels are up for grabs, keeping the 97mm wheels myself.

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:slight_smile: I already have a deck and a battery. In theory I bought 2 VESCs too but if it’s a good deal I wouldn’t mind buying others for a next build.