Ultimate VESC Controller

After my initial prototype I finally worked out the bugs and got version two working.

After seeing the GT2b from @FLATLINEcustoms I knew that that design was the ultimate one, unfortunately I asked him to share the step files to modify it but until this date he didn’t. As editing STL files is a pain in the a** I recreated the design from scratch using Fusion 360, but I’m terrible at CAD designs and could not recreate the chamfers and few details that make his work much better.

Functionalities: The remote use xbee radio to connect to another micro controller that handle the received data. I decided not connect the xbee directly to VESC’s because I’m planing to add more stuff to the receiver, like GPS, LED’s etc… So I don’t want to create a bunch of custom applications on VESC.

The remote has 3 buttons, one is a cruise control, the other two can handle multiple or single clicks to different functionalities, for now: turn on and off lights, change mode from rabbit to turtle.

Few more pictures of the design, and build process

As you can see the controller uses teensy-lc as the micro controller and a ST7735 based lcd to display information. I’ll put the files on thing-verse together with the firmware of the remote, I can definitely help however wants to reproduce this but you need to have basic knowledge of electronics, I can not explain how to wire a potentiometer


thats so freakin awesome!!

Good job! Looks nice, will you make a pcb to get rid of all that hook up wire?


Next step is to create a PCB and also design the trigger part to be 3d printed, I’m still using the trigger assembly removed from the gb2b controller. I’ll also test using nrf24l01+ radios because xbee’s are way to expensive, 23 bucks each, but they are very very reliable. Another problem is that nrf24l01 will need to share the SPI of the arduino*, not sure if the libraries (for the lcd and the radio) are already handle that, if not, I’m not very interested on updating them to make it happen, and I will leave xbee radios on the final version.


This is the most amazing thing on the forum right now. IMO :astonished::thumbsup: @vitormhenrique You are a true innovator!!

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You should sell these

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@Pablo_702 If he plans to release the instructions and plans open source, it is much better than selling it.

@vitormhenrique fantastic design ! Thus is truly amazing ! If you release the schematics and microcontroller code, I will surely give it a try !!

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This is the community answer to the more advanced Evolve and Stary remote controllers. Good work! :smiley:

Well done! @vitormhenrique

Well done…


VERY COOL… watch out evolve.

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Holy crap!!! THAT IS SO AWSOME!!! By far the best remote in my opinion!:

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Nice controller. I had the exact same idea… I would say “current” and not “curret” :wink: What is this for a mode “rabbit”?

I had made an inquary about a system of this type about a week ago :ok_hand: and here we are. I :musical_score: must take my :womans_hat: hat off to :yum: you. You are Dr. Frankenstein to my creation. This is a must have. When will we be ready for production?

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Rabbit = Fast and torquey Turtle = Slow (for beginners)

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This is so epic. Telemetry data! I had it on my RC car remote this data, but the receiver is abit sensitive that it broke down easily. I’ll be looking forward for this one!

Sweet! Thanks for posting this here and for putting CAD files on Thingiverse. New to VESC but this looks like a good project down the road.

Yeah… I’ll share, but I was planing to share once I have the pcb done (for the receiver and the remote). I’ll start working on that tonight and I’m estimating two weeks to get it done. If you guys want the hacked version schematics I can do that too.

ops… thanks! :slight_smile: rabbit and turtle are two different modes with different acceleration. Rabbit will push whatever throttle you give on the trigger, while turtle will slow down the acceleration.

@vitormhenrique I don’t think I’ll have time to try it before several weeks. If you route a PCB, I’ll wait for that. I still have to complete my “simple” GT2b.

I did not know the teensy microcontroler, there are some many out there now !! Have you written your code in C or arduino-like ?

Anyway, great stuff here !!

arduino language is actually C with custom functions to access the hardware of the atmega microcontroller. Teensy is a arduino compatible micro, but the specs are much much better, form factor, speed, etc… But for the final version I think I’ll stick with the atmega328 with the arduino bootloader.

I’m still not sure about the LCD size, 1.8" is cool, but it may be too big?


Thanks for the informations. I have played a bit with the arduinos … (nano and uno mainly).

I guess that the main constrain is the ergonomy of the controler in your hand. Does it fit well with this big screen ? I have not yet tried the original version of Flatline but I am a bit worried that my hand is too small for this big design.