Unikboards short All Terrain Beast!

Anyone else drooling over these photos? Trying to figure out what he has going on there but it looks awesome!


I think I read somewhere there’s a 12s6p battery packed into that thing!

I guess he uses his standard deck and Trampa trucks with angled risers. Looks like the perfect city commuter: short and (hopefully) not too heavy while giving you the smooth ride only pneumatics can do.

Tell us more @unik

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i bought some freebord bindings to try them on a trampa mountainboard, i will publish my opinion when i will receive them :))

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I already have a set of freebord bindings attached to my short ride. Its tricky and doesn’t let me bail as fast or clean as I would like to. With pnuematics though I think I would feel soooo much better and smooth. Motivation for sure.


I think psychotillers new 6" billet roadie wheels, or perhaps limited edition Enertion 5" pnuematics would look great on that. Simply because it looks strange being a short board that’s that high off the ground. I think trampa only do 7 ~ 9" wheels (but they’re working on a 6" tyre and a 125mm skate type rubber one which’ll also look awesome)

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Close up


hehe ! thanks guys / okp here.

I did that for fun. Got this project for like one year in my mind but didn’t have time to work on it.

It’s a 12S6P / 66T / 15T / 168kv / Dual VESC

3D printed enclosure / Carbon Fiber blue

Custom AL7075 risers, custom short mounts for Trampa Vertigo (will be making a few also on MBS Matrix II if there’s any interest in a group buy)

Sorry for the (genuine) hooks, been riding that for several years and I see that it has inspired some people here and there; these are freebord, but also got custom 3D printed mounts that were not finished.

That’s just insanity ! thanks for the love. Did a quick edit yesterday

I will be pulling some 7 trampa slick wheels on it too. Got some on my bench. Just ordered two 148kv to see if any difference.


Great to see other builds like this :wink: Very nice work!

Here’s my mine:

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Can you post up some pricing so those people interested can get an idea on what kind of budget they need?

sure; If I have time I will even post a build thread !

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That would be excellent

Thanks @unik

as said on the chat, if there’s any interest I will probably do a group buy on the AL7075 short mounts for Trampa and 35° riser + short mounts for MBS Matrix PRO trucks … and also the 66T wheel pulleys.

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I’m in!!!

I’m certainly interested!

Interested, but I was thinking these with kegels or abecs.

why don’t you put Calibers with Kegel or ABEC11

Lol not all of us follow the chat…first I heard of it…good news

I did, but these are much more cooler than calibers.

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that’s the 3D printed enclosure. It’s quick and dirty but does the job.