Universal Advanced VESC Remote Control (Photon) - Custom design

Only addressable leds is a good idea Leaves other SPI for horn lights etc Cheers

Yeah good idea. How much leds can handle the pin ?

@caustin: Thats a great idea. I almost always run the batteries down to zero on my drives, so joule-based would be great(for me). On the otherside, i didn’t think of, the remote doesn’t get charge or discharge infos if its off. If you turn on the remote, its always in voltage-% would be a good compromis i think.

What about a battery-health indicator? Doesn’t have to be on the drive-display but maybe in the settings. New Batteries -> measurement of the internal resistance(say 5-10mOhm eq 100%) and save on remote. After that you can compare the value to the initial one and with a choosen value, say 50mOhm eq 0% you can tell if we need to think of getting a new battery ^^. (diffVoltage/diffCurrent) should give us the internal resistance, if i’m right? But the measurement has to be done if the battery is fully charged, otherwise the readings are incorrect!

And after that :blush: we design our own BMS! with memory for joule-base measurement, nextdrive-predictions for charge-cycle, means no-drive-insight-> automatically storage-charge, with resistance-heating or cooling depending of the ambient-temperatures while driving, 1 (or more) Amps balancing-current between each cell, cell-health monitoring, tesla-style charging-system: 2C-Charge-Current @ 4.1Volts, after that charge with 4.2Vmax to the end. Should be faster on 80% SOC this way. Faster (save) Charge - faster back on the road :smiley: !

Hm, sorry for texting… had to let it out :slight_smile: Cu @ll

The pin is used for data, it can address as many Leds as you like, as long as you have enough power from your power supply. There is an option on the Light menu to set your Led strip pixel number.

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Looking to order. If I place today when should I receive the remote?

@Wajdi any updates on the remote ?

Can you guys help me pick up a name for the remote?



@Wajdi lol :slight_smile:

Not bad :slight_smile: My current tempting name is Photon-X remote, what you think? PS: I just added reverse option to the remote :grinning: its working great!

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Maybe just Photon, and then save the x for a future version =D. I think Photon sounds good :slight_smile:

How does Reverse work ? as example in ackmaniacs Firmware reverse works like a double-brake, the board just has to be under a certain and adjustable forward speed. otherwise your wheels will start spinning backward while you are actually going forward. (thats the case in the standard VESC Firmware)

@wajdi that’s beautiful ! can you post which led strips did you use ?

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@Aborn Sounds good! @notger The trigger on the back of the remote is programmable through the menu, it can be a cruise control, safety switch, or reverse. In case of reverse, you push it once to change direction. If you happen to be already going at a certain speed while you pushed it, the board will start braking but your wheels won’t start spinning backward. @NAF Thanks! The receiver can drive any WS2812B RGB LED, just make sure its a WS2812B and runs at 5V. Also if the LED strip does not exceed 31 pixels, it can be powered from the receiver directly with no need of external power source.

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Thanks for building my new remote. I’m going to need a few of these.


Ultron lol 10 chars

That is just…frak I don’t know what to say. Phenomenal. I pre-ordered one. When do you think they will ship?


Haha, hoping they are FIFO

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So the DIY (print) Remote Kit (mostly interesting for Europeans) is sill postponed ? are you still developing teh Remote Firmware or what is stopping you from selling them ? and are you actually in contayt with @Ackmaniac about potential power.profile control, I mean that would make this Remote so amazing.

And another fancy addition concerning the LED feature would be to add an brake-light option so maybe that a separate red backlight or all the leds are turning red in case of braking ?


@Wajdi Is there anyway to make the remote work with several of your receivers as part of a Model Memory or E-Skate Memory? The remote looks great already but I’d be in for sure if I could buy one remote and a few receivers. As far as I know there is no other E-Skate remote with that feature. I bet you’d sell more remotes and a ton of extra receivers if you could make it work.

I just implemented a re-binding function inspired from the discussion of the firefly remote. It is necessary for people that want to use multiple receivers on the same remote. What was mostly stopping me from sending out the remotes is software improvement and testing.

Today I finished assembling the first 10 remotes!