Unnamed | LY 10-2-4 | dual 6374 190kv TB | focboxes | 12s5p 30q | 218 TB trucks

After 2 months with Evolve Bamboo GT I got used to the power and was desiring MOARPAWAR. So here am I with this plan:

  1. Solid Landyahtz Ten Two Four deck
  2. Double focbox, Nano X remote from eskating.eu
  3. Mechanical kit for dual drive from TB 218mm trucks.
  4. Battery, BMS, enclosure, charger etc from these guys @rok @koralle
  5. Some bracket frames since I want to mound trucks under the deck.
  6. Lots of free time to assemble the whole thing.
  7. PROFIT! Lets go!

Got the deck and the mechanical kit with motors from TB already: photo5382279443290106197


Yoyo mate in case you have the possibility to 3d print, ditch the nano X and mod a GT2B instead. I have both. GT2B all the way!!

Coating painted deck. Wife did paint sides of the deck photo5384311315008432353

Assembling HELL photo5384311315008432358

After 2 hours of screwing million things, sanding the motor keys (this is painful) photo5384311315008432373

And with the deck photo5384311315008432376 Sides does look cool, right? :slight_smile:


Had to drill the plates for the countersunk truck screws (all 6 holes are the same now) On the positive side of things got some Bronsons G3. Did fuck up the drilling the ABEC core. Wheel pulley installed uncentered and only 3 screws got in. photo5384521472053193036 photo5384521472053193035 photo5384521472053193037


I did want to assemble the firefly, but decided to go with the plug-and-play solution. Does nanox so much worse than gt2b? Or is it just slightly better?

The Nano X just doesn’t have a high quality feel to it, which a nicely modded GT2B does. Connection with both is rock solid. Nano X is very jerky on a high power board. GT2B gives you a lot more travel so it gives you more precise control.

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Does nanoX feel like evolve gt r1 remote? If yes then I glad I ordered the nanox I got kinda bored after got r2 evolve. Yes, the acceleration is smooth but it doesnt feel like that wild beast with r1 :slight_smile:

Haven’t used GT R1. Wild beast is exactly what the Nano X feels like. If you like that then youre golden. Just don’t break ya neck bro.

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What happened with the wheel pulley? Didn’t understand.

Haven’t used GT R1. Wild beast is exactly what the Nano X feels like. If you like that then youre golden. Just don’t break ya neck bro.

I do have this guy

What happened with the wheel pulley? Didn’t understand.

Originally bolts didnt want to do through, so I drilled the core with the 6mm drill bit. Did first wheel just fine, but on the second wheel I drilled few holes at a slight angle. This caused some missalignments and now pulley isnt centered and rest of the bolts cant be screwed into the pulley. Will fix it tomorrow

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I ordered the same helmet 2wks ago ehehe :sweat_smile:

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Update: Fixed the wheel more or less. Drilled for 20 minutes (this abec type core is tough one.) Managed to get all screws in and good enough centering on the wheel pulley. 20180801_165453

Received Focboxes, connectors and remote from eskating.eu 20180801_165522

Seems like i will need to do some soldering 20180801_165533

Did order orangatangs 80mm since i’ve always wanted those orange beasts :slight_smile:

P.S. afaik battery is done. @koralle and @rok are waiting for bms and ready to ship the battery, enclocure, charger. So 8-12 days and some assembly later I’ll be able to ride this beast!

Edit: Flip-flops :ok_hand:


Why not the 85mm version since its available now?

The battery is indeed finished and bms is here. Need to hook it up today and send it out in the evening or probably tomorrow.

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Did consider caguamas, but 68$ wheels + 40$ of shipping from US or 100 eur shipped from netherlands. FeelsRussianMan Did order 80mm ones for 68$ shipped

Awesome! might actually ride in 8-12 days :slight_smile:

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Some solder and heatshrink later :ok_hand: 20180801_222706


Now all the BLDC tool magic has to come in, but I scared even to plug the USB into the FOCBOX. Might figure out the low voltage power delivery for motor detection. But still dont know if i should plug everything and then configure or preconfig and then CAN bus the thing.


  1. Decided to go with CAN since it’s in the design of vesc
  3. Spot the mistake DSC_0229YIKES

Since anti spark pcb will be shipped in Monday I decided to buy this little guy and try to at least do some motor config 15344385419688466565232147062023

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That’s enough I used only this as loopkey not pcb switch needed. Don’t worry :wink:

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Yea, I won’t ride on it, just use for the powering up the vescs and motor testing

It’s good for riding too. A lot of guys just use this. No problems so far. The spark any just can occur in time of switching on