UPDATED: $100 Piece of Shit Build

I have one of these motor mounts lying around in my basement if you want to buy it


Almost all of the parts finally came in. I soldered on larger bullet connectors to the phase wires of the ESC to fit the ones I already had on my motor.

I took a short ride on it and so far it’s exceeded my expectations. Obviously it’s way slower than a dual drive or even most singles, but the start-up is smooth and the motor runs quiet. As far as I can tell, the battery is performing fine as well, seems to have no trouble delivering max amps the ESC calls for (which is about 30A burst).

For a first board or even a cruiser board, this battery-ESC combo seems to be a good budget option considering it comes in at under $80 for both and once you have them, all you need is a motor, a mount for it and some gearing.

I currently have it all strapped under the board in a cardboard box. Obviously I won’t be riding it like this, this is just for testing purposes.


Thanks for the update. I’ve been pretty plesantly surprised with these cheap esc’s + remote combos myself, that’s a huge cut in the cost to access one of these boards.

Honestly, I think this kinda goes to show how the market has progressed. It’s not unrealistic for someone to make a very solid 10s2p + cheap ESC build for around $200 that’s quite reliable, if not all that one might want for speed/torque.

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Yeah I agree, and honestly, the board is Fun to ride. I can’t quite describe it, but there’s something to be said for zipping around on a really carvy cruiser that weighs less than 10 lbs, as opposed to a 20lb dual motor behemoth. I have a few more things I’ve got to finish before the board is really ready to ride, but the more I ride it, the happier I am that I built it.

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I was kinda hoping you were gonna make it to SPD2. Jacked my left knee the day before and was scrambling my brain for a last second jockey. Inspired by your shit build, thinking about digging one of first builds off the wall and giving it new life. Maby @chaka would be ok if I used it for the uphill race and will stop trying to define what an E-sk8 should be.


Hey man, thats not fair at all. I’m Not the one suggesting a special class for PU wheels. Didn’t know I injured you so badly by voicing my opinion on rubber wheels. I’ll take it back if it will make you feel better.

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It’s all good brother👍 I will dial it back a bit, no hard feelings here and well keep it friendly, aight!

No worries! Once you see a FreeRide first hand you will understand what it is I am doing. I’ll hit you up when I am in the LA area and we can do a little group ride/hill climb. I’ll be in Palm Desert next week for the holiday but we will be back on business shortly after.

Good times. You have some of the best layed out and constructed completes available. Looking forward to it.

Trust me, I really wanted to make it but I had commitments for school that I just couldn’t get out of :dizzy_face:

Group hill climb ride sounds like a great idea. With all the ek8s we have here in SoCal I’m sure there’d be a lot of interest.


Nice! What mount is that? Looks like a custom job with a belt tensioner.

Motor mounts that fit caliber, paris, TB 218mm, Bennett vector and surfrodz indeesz hex trucks. They can be set up to run on 50xx or 63xx motors with wheel size from 80-107mm. Dual idlers are used for belt tensioning and preventing from tooth skipping.

How wide is the entire mount? I run smaller vector bennett trucks (I think they’re the 5" version), and I only have a bit more than ½" of clearance on the hanger before the mount will run into the wheel pulley. Would your mount fit?

9/16" is the overall thickness (clamp + motor arm).

It took me a while to figure out exactly which mounts @marcmt88 was referring to, but I finally found the thread with more photos and details. Here it is …

Update: So far this board has Far Exceeded My Expectations given that I only put $100 into it. It accelerates as fast as I’d want it to, with power to spare. (Keep in mind this is on a penny board so the maximum acceleration I could withstand before being through off the board is much less than on a longboard). Never the less I very impressed with the board. The pulley kit finally arrived and it’s worked great so far. For $15 and a month of waiting, it’s a great deal.

I think this would make a great first board, and I’m planning to keep it and use it for when I just want to take a smaller board.

The one problem I have is the shape of the battery. It is about 2.5" tall so it practically touches the ground when it’s mounted underneath the board. I’ve come up with 2 solutions. Either mount it on top of the board like a lot of guys do with their Trampa builds, or disassemble it and remake it into a smaller pack using the cells. I think @GrecoMan has do that with this battery. How difficult and time consuming is it?

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Dude this is too sick! Exactly what I was thinking of doing myself.

What was your top speed?

Don’t know about you but I think 20kmh like the Max-C using hub motors is too low…

I think it would be so cool, since we are building boards over 1k , to have like a small competition of “WHO CAN BUILD THE BEST BOARD UNDER 200$” just for goofs and gaffs :joy: It could also be a jumping thread for beginners to get hooked since this boards would be made by “professionals” :wink:

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Yeah that would deffinetly be a lot of fun, almost like a “24 hours of lemons” but with skateboards