Updating my VESC to latest firmware and don't know which firmware to download

I plugged my vesc to the bldc tool and the popup states that my vesc firmware is old and i need to update it. The issue is, when i clicked on firmware folder, there are alot of different firmware versions, I dont know which firmware i should download, can someone help me out? Much thanks!

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Firmware version is dependent on the HW version of the VESC you having meaning it’s either 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 4.10, 4.11, or 4.12. Once you make the update to latest version everything is fine.

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I was looking on the vesc and found (had to use magnifier) it says vedders 4.12, I assume i have to download firmware 4.12, correct?

4.12 is the Hardware Version. Benjamin improved the hardware components over the time to make the VESC more robust. When you have a closer look at the VESC then you will see that number printed on the Board.

What you need is a update of the Firmware. So it would be the best that you tell us which Hardware version of the VESC you have so that we can tell you the correct firmware.


My vesc says exactly like the picture shows (4.12). What next? Thank you.

Then i would recommend you to use my firmware mod because when you hover with the mouse over the parameter labels it gives you a Tooltip text that helps you to understand what the parameter is good for.

Otherwise you can also download the actual original Version 2.18 here. http://vesc.net.au/


Thank you, I’ll check it out on my pc. I have been reading everything on vedders page and watching all the videos Really trying to understand the whole thing. Thank you so much for the help, can’t wait to get home and start this thing.


Trying to upload vesc version 4.12 firmware and it won’t upload, it says “buffer erase timeout” what can I do to make this work?

Are you sure you first connected so that the message popped up and after that tried to flash the firmware?

ok, it uploaded, finally. firmware version is (2.16) how do i get 2.16 so i can have this thing working?

Just reconnect again. If you have uploaded the correct firmware it should show 2.18.

ok, let me try it

Now it says this, “Firmware version on connected vesc: X,Y”

Press the disconnect and then the connect button.

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ok hold on

now i got this again

Try to flash with the file “VESC_Ackmaniac_2_53.bin” which you can find at this link.

And also use the BLDC-Tool you can find there for your operating system. I guess it is windows.

yes, windows, i’ll get back to it in a few, gotta get dinner and feed my son, Thank you,

Ok found this using google, is it ok to download firmware version 2.16 for my vesc? Has anyone done this?