Upgrading kids vehicles

As the title suggests! @keat63 here you go bud


I always was joking about turning one of those little tykes AMG Mercedes into a wicked e-vehicle… :rofl:

This image

To this :joy: image


To be more clear I meant these types, I just picked that one because it had a good before and after to exemplify my point :slight_smile: image

Is that a 4wd? How many Wh? 0-60 mph in how many sec’s? top speed? range? Willing to part out?


No joke our county fair has a power wheels demolition derby.


has airpods in


drives away with muh pirelli tires skrrrrrt’n


Thanks folks.

So the story goes that I bought my 18 month old grandson a second hand motorised ride on car, without first doing any research. I got blinded by the bling and cool factor.

It has about as much power as an elecric toothbrush. It runs about 2mph, so slower than adult walking pace, and doesn’t have the guts to drive up dropped kerbs, so I have to give it a nudge.

Thinking it might have been the battery, I swapped out the 6v 7ah, for a 6v 12ah one, afterall, I’ve no idea how old the battery is and I can get them for peanuts at work. This didn’t help.

Upon closer inspection it has only 1 x 6v motor, which is connected through a gearbox.

This sort of thing image

I’m now considering adding a second motor, but as I’ve no idea of the rpm and ratio of the current one, so I’ll probably have to install 2 identical motors. Also adding 2 motors should in effect give it more torque, and if I choose a high rpm paired set, maybe a little more speed.

or should i upgrade it to 12v, and would 12v be any more beneficial to 6v.

He’s only a baby, so it doesn’t need to do burn outs or handbrake turns.

Will be a few more questions to come, based on your replies.

Thanks for taking the time. :slight_smile:


Damn it sounds like so much fun D:

My hometown community is stricken with being fake as fuck, so I never had the chance to go to an event like that… sounds like a beast of a time if its warm :smiley:

12v is PLENTY of speed for that age. The issue I ran into is the one wheel drive. My son would burn out the one wheel on 12v at any dead stop. I cut bike tires and screwed them to the tires to give more tread and it helped but I’d recommend 2 motors.

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I got my 3yo nephew one of these last year


always planned on upgrading it with esk8 parts :slight_smile:


two low power motors sounds like the way to go, better traction and maybe better turning?

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Yes. I’d do 2 motors at 6v and upgrade to 12v when he gets a feel for the speed.

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My issue with upgrading to 12v is:

All the elctronics, 2.4ghz remote etc are all 6 volt. So I can’t just chuck a 12v battery in for fear of frying everything else.

I’ve considered the following.

I have a spare 12v 20ah battery in my garage, that I could shoe horn in to the battery compartment. I replace the single 6v motor for 2 x 12v ones. The wiring which feeds the current single motor wired through a relay, which energises the 12v power to the motors. This way I can retain all the 6v side without fear of frying anything ?

or I just chuck another 6v motor in. (possibly a pair) and leave everything at 6v.

Ahh you’re remotely powering it. The 6v motors can definitely take 12v. You may need a new receiver if you want to use the remote function but I expect that it would still work fine. It’s only sending a pass/no pass signal to the controller, not taking a main power.

12 volt is a moderate adult jog. Be careful. You could also go in between and find a 9 volt. I can’t recommend dual drive enough though. This was my son’s first car t32883


Check this thread out

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I just thought of an issue with my 12v and relay idea. As I’d be utilising the 6v motor signal to operate the relay, this would be either on or off, i’d lose the reverse function.

One ebay seller has about half a dozen 6v motors listed from 8,000 rpm to 20,000 rpm. Of course this can’t be at the wheel, otherwise, it would be off like a shot.

Lets assume that the current motor is 8,000 rpm (ive no way to tell as of yet), and I replaced it with 2 x 6v 20,000 rpm, this will help with the speed, but what about torque ?