Urban ATAT ~~ Spud 29, MBS m2 trucks, 8in Rock Star wheels, 10s4p 30q, x2 FocBox(s), S2 Bindings

I’ve had a ton of emotional turmoil over this build. It’s been almost a year in the making…a lot if single malt dedicated :wink:.

Had all but given up on it until @okp happened up on some MBS prototype risers, that’s what put this build back on the bench.

The enclosure was a monster, I gave @psychotiller the wong measurements the 1st time (damn I hate to admit that in publicnlic :grinning:) so had to get him to make another, he came through like a rock star as always.

It’s not actually up and running yet, I took it for a ride around the warehouse and all was good. Went back to my workbench to loosen the rear truck a little, stood on it and a wheel pulley went off like a gun. It was broke as hell. So I retro-futted some VXR pulleys to the MBS Rock Stars but now I’m waiting on belts…maybe tomorrow.

Anyways, I’ll post the build log and pics tomorrow.


Always super curios to see a new Spud build!


damn I have wanted to see another one of these so bad can’t wait to see the build

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I did this build as well it worked amazing :wink:. But it was so unstable at high speed. So right now I am working on some upgrades to make it better once I am done I will post some pic…


I remember your build, beautiful. I kinda figured at speed it would be a bit squirrely, I seldom go over 20mph unless Im testing or trying to impress my wife :slight_smile:. My motivation is the spud 29 is a really stable platform, the MBS 8in wheels are frikkin tank wheels & the offset trucks with @okp risers make the whole thing a beast as far as crawling over stuff.

THis is my homage to my Jeep past as close as I can get it in a skateboard :slight_smile:.


No pics or build log today.

Got my belts, but the wheel pulleys are substantially smaller so the motor pulleys are running into the wheels. Came up with offsets but now I need longer bolts. To the hardware store I go tomorrow, maybe I can ride, get pics and finish up the build log tomorrow…


When I saw the new message in your thread I thought we would get finally the pictures. Seems we have to wait a bit longer… :laughing: Looking forward…


Me too :grinning:. I went to Lowe’s, the closest thing they had we’re chrome ohikios head, that’s a quick path to having to drill out bolts. I’m gonna try Home Depot tonight, but I allready orders some bolts from Amazon just in case.

Alrighty…this damned thing is finally on the asphalt. I still have some adjustments to make, a little slippage to resolve and need to change some config parameters. Its definitely rideable now though. With the trucks at 35 degrees I expected it to be less turnable than I like, but I was immediately doing slides in the dirt and carving on sidewalks…its a beast!

Build Porn!

It’s a little bare bones right now, I’m going to re-adjust the motor mount angle and re insulate the motors. I will likely replace the motors as well, I think this monster would benefit from sensors. I kind of pieced together the motor mounts from a couple of sources, ended up welding the motor clamps after weeks of trying to get them stable.

I’m also thinking about pulling the MBS 8in wheels and replacing them with 6 shooters, if I can find some decent off-road tires to fit. I’m not incredibly impressed with the MBS wheels. They aren’t as grippy in the dirt as I expected and you feel a lot of vibration with these hubs. They are as good as any other mountain board wheels out there, but 6 shooters are premium cush. Not too mention the hell of a time I had getting pulleys fitted. 8-23 3 1/4 hex head bolts are about impossible to source.

I’m not sure yet, but I’m considering replacing the Spud 29 deck with an LHB Phat Matson, what do you think @longhairedboy?

If anyone is interested I’ll post the prices also, but they are not exactly accurate. I actually bought a complete Comp 95 for a steal and used the trucks and wheels from it. But suffice it to say, its fuggin expensive.



:heart_eyes: Nice build nice and clean . I am almost done with my upgrade to my build tomorrow I’ll share so pic of it…

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Can we see shots of the underside?

This looks like it’d be seriously fun!!! As always dude, sick build.

Thank you sir, I appreciate it. It’s a beast for sure, sensors will help. I’m gonna rely on a throttle curves for now.

I need to get some inside threaded aluminum yo make a cage for the motors too.

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Omg more pics please, even better- how about a quick vid? This thing is sick as hell!

Once I get it finished I’ll get more oics and a video or 2.

Here’s a quick one…


did you anodize the Freeboard S2 Bindings?

Nice. I wonder if this rides as high as the trampa trucks do with 35 degree risers.

No, just spray paint. 3 coats of black epoxy engine block paint.

It rides high for sure. I don’t know about Trampas.