[US] Fire sale getting out of the hobby enough parts for 2 builds

As the title states unloading everything I have so many parts I can’t even remember the names etc. Make offer for anything worst I can say is no. Pics attached of everything for sale. Wheels , 2 mounts, 2 pulley kits, bluetooth adapters, vesx x, vesc 4.2, caliber trucks, upgraded truck bushing,belts,IMG_20190602_115255 IMG_20190602_115242 IMG_20190602_115226 IMG_20190602_115221 IMG_20190602_115150 IMG_20190602_115136 IMG_20190602_115128 IMG_20190602_115119 nice deck, have a enclosire not pictured, many still brand new. Thanks for looking IMG_20190602_115411 IMG_20190602_115349 IMG_20190602_115345 IMG_20190602_115319 IMG_20190602_115453 IMG_20190602_115451 edit: Both nano x - SOLD Enertion Motor Mount - SOLD Trucks and Bushing - SOLD

Ill take the 2 remotes for 20 bucks!

No thanks they are $40 new each gotta come up

Interested in vesc x and trucks

Send an offer

Nvm waste of time.

how much for rear motors and mounts?

Send and offer for the rear single motor with mount.

40 bucks for 2 remotes…

One remote sold already for $38 so no thanks I let the use one go for $25+shipping

good luck with your sale…

Do you still have the rear motor mount? I have been looking for another one of that style.

Yes I do chars

Bump let’s make a deal

Lmao alright

Hey man, Looking for caliber baseplates. Would you sell those? Also, I’d be interested in the bushings. Let me know your price if interested. Cheers

Yeah I have 2 sets 1 stock and one set of risers

Lmao I took the time searched for each item I was interested for original price and put an offer. I guess you feel insulted and thought I was low balling you so ignored me.

Have a nice day.

… just wanted to say glad to see there is no actual ‘fire’ involved in forcing your sale :smile:


I never got an offer from you. At all as far as I can see. Sorry if I didn’t get it