[US - SD, CA] Part Out! (Enertion Focbox, 6355 190 kV motor, Evolve Abec 11 107mm, and more...)

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Located in San Diego, California. Hi everyone. So I haven’t touched my board since February because I had something going on with my 10s5p battery everytime I rode out. It wouldn’t charge all the way and I’m not sure why. I haven’t done a lot of homework on it, so I kind of just left it…

On top of that, life hit me with a lot of things and I just finished school so I won’t be riding around any longer. I’ve only been riding for about 30 miles, and then I just gave up on trying to fix it. ):

Anyway, here are the things I’ll be selling:

SOLD Wheels: Abec 11 x Evolve F1 (107mm/74a) w/ original bearings - SOLD IMG_20190710_222334

Wheel Drive: 2x TB 36T Abec Drive 12mm - $45 for both IMG_20190710_222312

SOLD Wheel Drive: 2x TB 36T Kegel Drive 15mm - SOLD IMG_20190710_222317

SOLD Motor: 2x TB 6355 190KV attached to @Boardnamics Caliber II Mounts with Idler Tensioner - SOLD **Note: I’m sorry, I cannot remove the motor mount because of the 16T motor pulley ): But it will come with all the hardware including belts. Again, sorry. I won’t add any additional pricing to it because of this. ** IMG_20190710_222350 IMG_20190710_222406

Trucks: 44° Caliber II Satin Smoke - $20 IMG_20190806_002325

SOLD VESC: 2x Enertion FOCBOX - SOLD IMG_20190710_222307

Remote: Enertion Nano-X - $50 IMG_20190806_002046

Thanks for looking everyone.


Dibs on the focboxes. Pm sent :slight_smile:


Like that remote!

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If @baxter won’t end up taking these Focbox then I will :slight_smile:

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Screw you guys, I’m going home :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Where are you located? Reserve the 107’s for me please.

EDIT : San Diego…i see

Are you selling the battery? I’m in SD, if you don’t want to ship the focboxes, I’ll pick them up


In line for the focboxes please.


I’m for the focboxes too if a zillion guys before, and @karamQ and @Rithblu wont take them


Where are you located? May be interested in the motors, how are the pulleys secured?

He is in San Diego

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Secured by key. Yes, I’m in SD. I’ll include that now

Ok. Pm me and we can talk.

Any update on the focboxes?

@KaramQ did you get it? Are is he still thinking about. No update on the sales.

Are the trucks still available?

Nope, I’m willing to pick them up, I only want one because I owe @pixelsilva a working one

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Cool! I need just one also. If you get both I’ll pay for the other one. Are whatever you feel is reasonable.


Dibs on the FOCBOXes if the seventy people in line in front of me don’t get them.


Sorry, been busy! But battery will be for parts. PM me!