[USA] FS, Parting out, (All Sold)

With great hesitation and lots of second guessing, I’ve decided to get out of the DIY scene and part out my build.All prices include U.S. shipping and I’ll gives discounts for buying more than one item. US buyers only, sorry. I’m pretty firm on all of the prices, but let me know if something is way off.

Pictures of everything here: https://imgur.com/a/xdiKvg8. Let me know if you want more or different pictures of anything.

ABEC 11 SUperfly 107mm wheels: SOLD


Torque 6355 motors (sensored): SOLD

Psychotiller Alter Wedge enclosure: SOLD

Torque metal wheel pulleys: SOLD

15mm 11 tooth metal motor pulleys: SOLD

12mm 16 tooth metal motor pulleys: SOLD

12s 4a charger: SOLD

10s 2a charger: SOLD

Torque Motor Mounts: SOLD

Pics, especially of those wheels with plastic removed. Nvm…

Check the Imgur album linked in the post for pictures, let me know if you need a closer up shot or anything.

I’ll take the wedge, what’s your PayPal address?

PM coming

ten characters…

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I pm’ed you about the motors

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Motors and mounts are gone.

Focbox are cheaper from enertion at the moment

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Also super easy to get discount codes to save a few %

Ah, thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know they were on sale. I’ve updated the prices to hopefully something more reasonable.

Well If you buy from enertion you buy from china, so you might get import charges + they don’t ship them out fast.

So your focboxes haven’t totally lost there value so don’t worry much :wink:

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USA wont get import charge

How sure are you?

Did ya get the papers.

Last time I checked…

And yeah I didn’t print I will try tomorrow, I have 2 packages to ship now

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One focbox and one wheel pulley have been sold. One of each are still available.

are these prices shipped or no?

The you go bud


Bump, last chance before I head to the post office today.

Is the focbox still available?

Yep one focbox is still available.