🇺🇸 USA (& 🇨🇦 Too eh?) Group buy - Enertion Motor Mount (and other stuff) ***ORDERED***

:us: USA Group buy - Enertion Motor mount

It’s a personal favorite of mine. Has been rock solid for me and my builds. Simple to mount to Caliber II trucks.

These mounts will fit 50mm motors (including @chaka’s 50mm motors) and 63mm motors

I have tried them - they all fit perfectly

What’s the advantage of doing this group buy?

Savings on the shipping from Australia if you don’t reach their Free Shipping amount.

And 10% off your order

What’s the ordering timeline?


How do you pay?

I guess via PayPal. Once enough orders are in, I will request you make the payment for your items. Once I have the monies in the account, I will order the items and have them sent to me.

What’s the cost of Shipping from Las Vegas?

Not sure, but will use the most economical way. Once I get a price for your shipping, I will request the last part of payment and ship them out to your location.

Notifications -

I will post on this thread when items are purchased and any tracking updates that I receive. Once the items are received, I will reconfirm order, confirm shipping costs and send them out with tracking numbers.

If you are in a non-USA country…if it’s cheaper for you to order through me I will do it for you and you let me know what I need to put on custom forms to avoid excess taxes.

Any edits to the conditions of this group buy will be made by me on this thread so all can follow along.

So, if you’re down to get on this group buy Just PM me. Let me know how many mounts you wanna get … And if you should need additional items such as pulleys or belts, please add that to your information and will see if we can work that into the group buy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me.

*fits only Caliber II trucks *mount cannot be reversed so motor is in the rear *you can have any color mount you want as long as it’s blue lol

Let’s do this!

Edit: Once I hit the magic number for Free Shipping…I’ll let you know on this thread and will do a Last Call and close out the group buy

Did I miss it or did you not include the magic number.

I’m down for 4 maybe… What is the price per unit of you hit the number

The magic number is @onloop’s $300 AUD

Won’t take much … Someone already PMd me for two

It’s will be the cost minus 10% off order and no Aussie Shipping cost… Only added cost will be the cost from me to ship to you…(cheapest and fastest)

The 10% discount will be applied to the entire order

Is Canada included? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, does it fit 63mm motors?

Lol yeah man read above lol

I made the words bigger just for you lol

I’ll take two of em.

EDIT: I’ll just take one actually.

I’ll take 2

How well do these fit torqueboards trucks?

Haha ok man, thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll take one mount!

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I’m gonna buy 4 so I’m already at the discount lol I’ll just buy them alone

Lol u bastard lol

I’m using them on TB’s trucks. Fits great! I drilled some small notches for the grub screws.

If they are caliber Clones they should fit …if Paris no

Well there you go @Jinra got you an answer :metal:t2:

Six so far including me … Who else wants Enertion mounts that wants free shipping?

We should be at the free shipping number…

When do you guys want me to cut it off since you guys are the first ones?

I’m in for one now that i know they fit tb trucks. @Jinra i’m trusting you buddy!

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