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Used Drive Kit, Wheels, Motor, ESC, Trucks, and maybe Deck

I’m selling a black one of these product/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-with-drive-wheel-kit/ for paris trucks and 16T motor pulley. I’ll also include a set of 4 blank pro flywheels and a tacon 160 motor. I’m looking to get $200 for the whole setup shipped to the USA as it has only been ridden for about 5 miles around my neighborhood.

Will you consider just selling the motor mount? I dont need the wheels or the pulleys.

Perhaps in a few days, I’m trying to sell the whole package to convert one of my boards to dual hub motors.

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If you end up selling the mount by itself, i’d be interested in the wheels, wheel/pulley assemblys, belt, and motor!

Eyy and Ill take the motor mount! :smile:

Thanks guys, I’m still waiting on an update for Hummina’s hub motors before I sell this. I think his last post on the topic was a few days ago, saying that orders would start in a few days (I probably should’ve waited before posting this thread).

Any update on this? Still interested haha

@NNGG @JT_Clemente Still for sale for you guys. I’ve just been really busy for the past few weeks. The z-flex trucks (which I think are paris clones, because I have been using them with the mount) and the torqueboards 6s esc are also for sale. I may sell the deck if there’s interest, but it depends on shipping costs. I’ll send pp info in a day or two if you are still interested. I need funds for my mountainboard builds :grin:

I also have some multirotor stuff, if you guys are into that hobby too.

Where do you live? I’m in Cali and that could help with shipping

I’m in Florida so shipping shouldn’t be bad.

What do you still have?

everything listed above except for the esc

Do you have a drive kit: two pulleys and a belt?

Yup, all of the above

Hmm. I was thinking of adding a extra motor to my setup, so I would need a mount and a drive kit. How much would that be?

can you just sell motor only?

send me an offer and I’ll see what I can do

I’ll take the flywheels and pulley!