Used Exway x1 giveaway hosted by big kids on youtube

To enter contest please do the following click on link follow instructions watch origanal video

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if your intrested in free board enter quickly

This link?

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link at top share the video link

Can you get more entries by sharing a Google link? Is that a feature? :thinking:

This is better posted on Reddit, not trying to be a dick but most people here have no use for a used exway lol

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share this link follow instructions in video u can do i entry per social media platform 1 pintrest 1 facebook etc

heres link you have to share

Its you again sigh


by the way I’m not running the giveaway

No one cares if it isn’t you making the giveaway, stop flooding the forum with useless threads!!


thought people would want free exway guess not

It’s the fact that your new to the forum and flooding it with random threads we don’t need. Sure I’d like a free exway but the point being is stop making unneeded threads.

ok ive been heavily using noob thread too This is the link I think…

I already said go on Reddit.most here would pay not to have a used exway!!! :smile:

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Fuck I’d take one atm. Sucks not having a board to ride.



The general consensus is you seem to be missing is that you keep opening new posts at a 1 post per question/thought rate.

I appreciate that you’ve started asking your questions in the noob thread.

Remember this is a builder’s forum, not reddit. There isn’t much need for topics for free giveaways. If there was one topic about giveaways and you posted this one under that topic, fine.


Don’t start a new post for no reason.


Feel you. I’m riding a fucking meepo. Better than nothing


Im pushing like a sucker

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