Useing a Graphene lipo?

so i was useing zippy 5000mah 20c cheep o baterys and i cept brakeing them because i was pulling alot more than 20c do youll think these Graphene batterys would be work the extra bux?

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Theyre specs look great…would be worth giving them a go perhaps? But you coud get almost 2 of the same type lipos just without the graphene for the same price

ya there a little pricey but also i want a lipo that can keep up and never brake in conparison to a space cell pro its about 200 less and the amoult of amps it could put out is way more, also iv gone 18+ miles on my 5000mah zippys and broke a cell from going 35 with traphic for to long but the cells that didint brake still had 11v left so the range mite even be the same as a space cell

18 miles range on 5000mah? I think you’re dreaming… and 11v left after a ride means you either killed all of your cells or you are only using 3s. Anyways I’ve seen ppl using graphene lipos and they seem to work well - I still believe in li-ion though


i think it was 16 miles bc 8 miles on google maps and then back and i road to my friends and back before that so pritty close to 18 also i probly got that bc it killed one of the batterys but the other 3 still where around 11 so i beleave if i had cells that had a higher c rateing i could get 20 miles also going at 33mph probly extends the destence bc i havent seen to many pp going that speed

18 miles on 5000mah is probably the reason why you killed them. even if you went with the graphenes they would break as well. do you have a low voltage cutoff set up? it all depends on how you use em.

@anorak234 why do you need li-ions? Whats the different? They used pretty similar chemistry but lions are so much more expensive. Liions will properly exploded if something happens where as lipos will just catch fire I use 2 of these in series. I give them a pretty hard time and do push them to the max most of the time…ive used them everyday for a month and theyve been fine. Baring in mind i wrap them in 1 inch thick foam (it gets squashed down)

For me it’s all about safety and overall cost - Lithium ion lasts longer than LiPo, and it may explode but overall it is much more stable. If lion costs 8$ per cell and LiPo costs 5$ per cell but lion lasts 4x longer, you end up saving money in the long run.

I’m using 5 of these in series for 10s They really rock! Capable of 300a constant discharge

Li-ions last up to 800-1000 charges where lipos last 500-800…

Lipos last about 1 year. Lithium ions can last 3-4 years. MY best lipos lasted 2 months before they had problems. The lithium ions in my power tools have been working perfectly for 4+ years

But like 2 lipos for me were $43 and a liion battery i got a quote without a bms for $190…$43*4 = $172 so really there cheaper

Lithium ion 4500mah 6s battery for me was 75$. Lipos with the same stats cost about 50$. Really not too big a difference. Back on topic: graphene batteries have been used successfully before in e-boards and they are supposedly more durable than LiPo. If people are set on lipos, graphene looks to be a good option.

Can you send me a link to ur liion bat please?

Not a link. Got custom made from @barajabali - it was 150$ for 2 of them. They work perfectly. Airplane legal as well


How can it be 4,500mah and 6s if theres only 6 cells?

Sorry thought they were 18650’s aha

I’m using two 6s packs on my mountain board (8,000mah a piece) and have to say I love them so far!

probably about 15-20 charges on them, so can’t talk about lifetime, but thus far I haven’t had any issues and they look pretty killer.