Various used and unused esk8 parts for sale!

I have more parts than I need for my custom boards, so I’m selling off a large variety of components. Some parts were taken from brand name pre-built boards (brands ranging from Liftboard to Evolve), some are from “universal” diy kits, and some are parts I have 3d printed.

Recently I have put a website together to help showcase my custom builds and to help sell some of this overstock. I am still adding content and products, but you can check it out at PitbullElectricSkateboards - DIY Parts

On that site payments can be made using Paypal, Credit Card, and Debit Card. Everyone can use the promo code “ESK8.BUILDERS” (without quotes) to save 5% of your total order.

Feel free to contact me with any question.

I have about 20 of these electric skateboard ESC’s for sale. These ESC’s were taken from single and dual motor Liftboards.

These are not used, but they were previously installed in boards.

Each ESC includes: ESC Receiver Receiver extension wire Remote controller On/Off button with integrated anti-spark circuit

These ESCs were designed for 6S setup. Single Motor ESC = 40A (900watts) $50 Dual Motor ESC = 80A (1800watts) $80

The remotes are 2.4 ghz, they have two speed modes pre-programmed and offer direction change by pressing a button. LED lights on the remote show the status of the battery on the board (6S only) and indicates when the remotes battery is getting low.

The remote charges via a common micro USB cable.

Single Motor ESC with remote and receiver $50 Dual Motor ESC with remote and receiver $80

6S Li-Ion Battery Charger (2A) $19.99

Evolve Bamboo Deck $59.99

New 36T 5M Wheel Pulley for ABEC11/Fly wheel style $19.99

New 225 -3m Belts - 2 for $5

Single Motor Trucks with 5055 270kv brushless motor $59.99 (rear truck only with motor with 83mm black wheels, wheel pulley, motor pulley, bearings and 3m belt) from Liftboard

Dual Motor Trucks with 5065 270kv brushless motor $99.99 (rear truck only with motors with 83mm black wheels, wheel pulley, motor pulley, bearings and 3m belts) from Liftboard

Front truck with 83mm black wheels and bearings from Liftboard

Set of 4 New Evolve Stoneground Wheels $39.99

New Evolve Single Motor ESC (from an Evolve One) $99.99

New Evolve Bamboo GT Dual Motor ESC $119.99

New Evolve Bamboo GT Battery enclosure $59.99

Evolve Remote with LCD screen $59.99

Used 5060 270kv 900watt Brusless Motor (unsensored) $29.99 Taken from Liftboards 5060 270kv 900 watt Brushless Motor (unsensored) These motors work best with 6S Lithium batteries. Some may have 5m motor pulleys, and some do not. Motor shaft: 8mm

Used Aluminum Battery/ESC Enclosure $29.99 These are taken from Liftboards, and are similar to Benchwheel enclosures. 33.5" x 3.5" x 1"* Perfectly fits a 6S4P Li-Ion 18650 pack and single or dual ESC. These are used but in excellent condition These could also be cut up in 5 pieces and each could comfortably house a Vesc, maybe 2. These come with open ends. A limited quantity of enclosure caps are available to be purchased separately. More photos of these enclosures will be posted soon. **Measurements are approximate with a tolerance of 0.25 inches

On some items I am open to negotiate a bit, so feel free to make a reasonable offer. But also please respect that these are already set at low prices to make it accessible to more people. More stuff is being posted, such as GPS trackers, Decks, more wheels, etc

If you want to purchase multiple parts or even purchase the whole lot, contact me and I will provide an excellent discount. All prices do not include shipping. But the website offers some great shipping rates. If you are in Southern California, you can pick up for free from my office in El Cajon, (east county San Diego).

For additional info about any of these parts please PM me.

Thank you


More explanation would be great, is the throttle and braking smooth, is there a rpm limit, does it have a lvc, and is it running foc or bldc.

Answers to these questions would help you to sell many more

Do they burn out randomly?


I’d be interested in your other stuff that you’ve mentioned.

From which boards where these?

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Juding by the remote i would say Liftboard.

Or benchwheel

I second the call to show the other items you say you have for sale.

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are the shipping costs included?

Only 5+ amps so you are safe Jk idk the specs

Post some pics of the mounts you have, also the motors!

PSA: Reminder to never use Paypal Friends and Family


From what board were these taken?

Do you have photos of the other items?

Please give electrical details about the ESCs.

Could you please post dimensions and photos of the enclosures?

What kind of wheels are they?

Thank you everybody for your interest. I will put some more details and photos this evening and include the other items I have as well.


Username checks out


Hi, Im kinda new to this website and the whole electric skateboard building thing. I really need help on how to make it and my budget is very tight too. Can you send pictures of the motor as well?

also how do i buy it off you?

What do you mean?

It means you have spent more than a day on this forum to either sell parts or scam people. More explanation about the parts with pictures would be extremely helpful for those interested.


I will be posting more photos of all the parts I’m selling. The photos will be much more close up and detailed. I am also writing up more thorough descriptions. It’s just taking a while because I have a lot of stuff for sale.

Regarding how to purchase from me, I own a few online retails stores, so I may list all of the items on one of my e-shops, or if someone is interested in a special order or bulk order, I can send a custom invoice via email or direct message through messaging. The link will lead to a secure payment page and the payment will be processed through my online store, which is powered by shopify and processed by shopify payments. This will allow for multiple payment options including debit card, credit card, Paypal, Amazon Pay, and even Bitcoin.

Because of all the items I am listing, I will probably make a new thread, as there are many more parts other than ESC’s. In which case, I will post a link in this thread that will direct everybody to the complete listing.

Since you are new to building electric skateboards, feel free to message me if you have any questions. This is a great site, with tons of useful information and members that are willing to help. Don’t be shy. I have been a member for a while but am just now finally trying to be more active.