Vedder Anti-spark switches for sale *RESTOCK*


I have made some extra anti-spark switches that I would like to offer for sale.

• original mouser components • all SMD components are already soldered • including shrink tube to protect the whole switch • 2 oz copper • blue pcb • widened traces

You will need a fuse (can also be bridged with a wire) and a switch of your choice to get it running. I can also presolder AWG 10 or AWG 12 wire.

29€ each + shipping (worldwide)

Located in EU (Salzburg, Austria)



Are these still for sale if so I’ll take two can you give me a quote for shipping to the United States New Jersey 08759

Sure! Shipping to the US is 10€ economy (10-20 days) or 13€ priority (4-8 days), priority with tracking, for as many switches as you like. Wrote you a pm with my paypal details.

I’m interested. Shipping to sweden?

Hi, shipping to Sweden is 5,50€ with economy (5-15 days) and 6,90€ with priority (2-4 days).

PM me your paypal

I’ll just grab one since my other board already has a key Loop so 38€

Already on its way to the USA! My car didn’t start up today morning (traitor haha :joy:)so I did a journey down the mountain to the local post office, wish I went with my skis lol


Hi, still have any left? If so I’d take one. Shipping to CH? Cheers :slight_smile:

I would take one if any left. Shipping to UK. Thanks

@jga Yea, there are still some available (just finished soldering a few more)

Shipping rates apply for both CH and UK: 5,50€ economy without tracking (5-12 days) 6,90€ priority without tracking (2-4 days) 9,75€ priority with tracking (2-4 days)

My paypal is PayPal.Me/goldenhusky

btw (just to clearify things): I thought that tracking is included with priority shipping, which is not the case, so I paid the additional amount for the people I already promised tracking for 6,90€, my mistake.

You can also check your shipping costs at the austrian post service website


Still several original vedder anti spark switches left!

how much is the shiping to the neterlands

shipping rates apply for the Netherlands and rest of EU: 5,50€ economy without tracking (5-12 days) 6,90€ priority without tracking (2-4 days) 9,75€ priority with tracking (2-4 days)

You can get as many switches as you like, shipping costs do not increase.

Just ordered two switches from @goldenHusky , he sent me a picture of the package and they seem great…I’ll update when they arrive

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Mine came up quite good as well :slight_smile:

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Thank you for posting pictures! Awesome!

Still got some assembled original Vedder Anti Spark Switches lying around!

Hey Husky,

How much would shipping to Canada be?