Vedder Anti-spark switches for sale *RESTOCK*

Hi @colourfulPanda

shipping rates to Canada are: 10,15€ economy without tracking (10-25days) 12,25€ priority without tracking (4-7days) 15,10€ priority with tracking (4-7days)

You can get yourself as many switches as you like, shipping cost won’t increase. I test every switch before shipping and you get a picture of the envelope before it was taken to the post office if you want to.

Thank you!

What’s the difference in anti spark protection from a xt90s loop key?

@Michael319 I guess both are sufficient, nevertheless, using an anti spark switch gives you more possibilities and comfort. You can use e.g. a led switch mounted through your enclosure (looks cool!) for switching your board on and off, instead of the (in my opinion kinda uncomfortable) xt90 and also take advantage of a fuse that can be mounted on the pcb etc.

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Another two orders to the Netherlands and Canada shipped a few days ago!

I’ve also put the switches to @JLabs awesome esk8 marketplace: Check it out and make sure to offer there your parts you want to get rid of! :imp:

The switches do now include presoldered AWG10 wire and a yellow shrink tube! Every switch is made with love (yea, really :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and gets of course tested before taken to the post office!


What size shrink tube are you using?

Hi, they are 30mm size shrink tubes.

Yeah just received mine today, and yes it looks soldered with love. Thanks a lot!

If anyone can tell me how to wire a button like this to these anti sparks, I’ll buy you a beer. I only get a very weak light from the button when it’s on.

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@rwxr Try it like this:


Thanks! I will order some resistors and get back to you about that beer after testing :slight_smile:

@rwxr please buy your gf some flowers instead, beer isn’t my thing haha :joy:

Haha, ok, I will do that. I’ll even provide a picture of it.

I found some 680ohm 1W resistors at home. Will those work if a put 3 in parallell? (I have ordered 1.5kOhm but I won’t get them until monday.

Sure, but you have to put them in serial so they add up, putting the resistors in parallel will destroy the led because of the high current flowing.

Hey Husky, are there any left?

@colourfulPanda yes there are :blush:

Hi, I’d like to buy if available. I’m in New Jersey

@Sapphirinia Hi, awesome! I’ve sent you a pm :wink:

Are any still available? I live in the UK and can they support a 12S lipo’s voltage?

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Hi, I’m afraid, currently not in stock. But new pcbs and components will arrive next week. Yes, they support 12s voltage, the components are rated for 60V (Fets) and 100V (caps+resistors). Maybe have a look at the new DirectFet switches.

Also interested. Let us know when in stock