Vedder Anti-Spark. Wanted. in US

I think I blew my anti-spark. Power just goes right through regardless of the button. I got mine from sparkheaven (EU) last time without realizing the shipping was super expensive. Does anyone know where I can get one in the US? or can someone repair it for me?

Luna Cycles sells them, not too expensive either.

Thanks. I was gona say i couldn’t find it but turns out they name it differently. It’s also pretty cheap. @mmaner Do you happen to know how to wire the LED button? I have a bigger one and they are labelled differently with NO, NC and C, as suppose to the print on the pcb.

I don’t, I just used the 12mm switch that came with it. It works well. If it lasts more than a week that will be 4 days linger than any other AS switch I’ve used (I’m up to 8 now :grinning:).

The SW+ goes with C and SW- goes with NO.

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I have probed NC and C together with my multimeter and seems like they are just simply connected. Can you confirm with me?

longer as in the LED survive for longer or the AS last longer? and what do you mean by 8? 8 days?

Im guessing he is hard on the switches(fets) and that he has killed 8 sofar.

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Yeah. Thats right.

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im having problems with mine. if its too bumpy it will randomly turn of and on. is there a way with this switch to add a battery meter to it?

yes, you can. It’s just a matter of where. And how simple you want it. I carry a variety of led indicators and can tell you where you need to and if have one you want to use will work.

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Haven’t test mine yet. But I have my battery capacity tester soldered on the output side so that it only lit when i turn it on. Charging port on the input side.

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Correct. If you use a stay on type. I have those and some new ones we are connecting directly to the batteries. They work really well and show volt and capacity. With a easy install and low profile. The unit can be installed anywhere and has a three push cycle future witch the third push of the button turns it off. imageimage

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hey thanks! that helps alot. i already have the meter.

We are currently testing flipskys version of the anti spark switch. It’s working out well. The push button is bigger but the resistor they use for the led is super low and the led light is low. But as far as functionality it works great. And they can get a range of fuses for it. Up to 400v But really I’m looking in to 80a, 100a and 120a mini fuses


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What I like about the Luna cycle ones is that they came insulated, soldered with wire and shrink wrapped. If you can do the same thing and have extra wire coming out for battery tester and Charing port it would be a plus. Also 19mm push button is what I am swapping to so that I can sink my whole index finger in.

Yes we do. image


With replacement fuse

I don’t really understand the fuse. Are they just regular car fuse or fast blow fuse? Had some experience with the slow car fuses on a PDB for robots. Ended up leaving them out cus they take seconds to melt and essentially don’t protect any powered devices. Also I think it would be nice for a fuse socket. If you give out extra fuse.

Sorry for the delay, they are fast wire 60a 58v fuses. So far no one has had a issue. And I think that’s an older version in that pic.