Versatile First Build!

Hi Everyone!

After a long while of research and discussion with other builders here on the forum and some digging on the Sub reddit as well. I’ve finally committed to starting my first build! I’ve gone through different phases before arriving with this decision but I want to be determined to build a board that rides and performs just the way I like as while there are many great builds out there like Kaly and Lacroix, I can’t find the right features and performance that I feel are going to work for me the most.

I have no experience with building anything like this and don’t have any experience with soldering or any of that sort but I have friends and family who I can get help from for those. I’ll slowly be building the log over the course of the build and will keep it up to date as parts arrive and changes (which I think are expected) occur.You’re welcome to pitch in and critique on my parts list and vision for this build. Now, Onward to the actual build details!

What I’m hoping my Build to Achieve:

  1. Versatility - I want to be able to swap out other components as needed but generally build around the motors or the deck depending on how well I like the feel for my deck of choice.

  2. Good Carving Ability - I enjoy carving as much as you guys do!

  3. Stability at speed - While I enjoy feeling that wind while cruising down a flatland I don’t really need to go very fast. If it can hit 28-31mph then that is already plenty fast for me. Given those speeds I want to be able to worry less about speed wobbles, I know technique plays a huge portion but if I can maximize the performance of hardware to reduce the speed wobbles then I’m all for it!

  4. Dancing - Now I know that popping up a expensive and hard earned board is the last thing others would do I would agree. The most I’d like to do is dancing but I’m willing to dance on a shorter board as I know dancer boards usually go for 43"+ but I wouldn’t want a board with that kind of length.

  5. Distance - Being able to hit 30km of range would be enough for me but if I can stretch it further then by all means lol.

  6. Hill Climbing - There aren’t any steep rolling hills that I plan on using it on but if it can do 25% gradients then I believe those should meet my usage needs just fine.

Also want to add I’d prefer it stealthy that I can kick push as I wouldn’t want to attract attention when using it if possible. I’m planning for this to be my all in build as I don’t want to have to put together a build from the ground up again as this will likely burn a big hole in my wallet not to mention any parts that I’ll need to maintain it in the long run. Basically my all around, Go-to build for everyday use is what I’m after

Parts List Deck - Hummie Carbon and Wood deck [$150(Board $110 + $40 shipping estimate, difference may be sent back to me)]

Batteries - 12s4p Samsung 30Q [$160+$34 shipping]

Thanks to Brad and Tracey for the custom Tunnel risers and offering free shipment to any other purchases with them! total shipping for all Riptide stuff cost $14 so a pretty sweet deal I think :smile: Risers - Riptide custom esk8 tunnel risers x2 [$15 x 2] Bushings - Riptide Kranks 96a Magnum x1 Riptide Kranks 96a Cannon x2[$11.50 + $9x2] Pivot Cups - Riptide Caliber II WFB 96a pivot cups[$13.95]

Wheels - @kug3lis 3.75” wheel hubs and 6.5" Trampa tires and tubes.

Trucks - TB218 Trucks [$65]

Power Switch - TorqueBoards Power on/off anti-spark switch

Mounts, pulleys, drive train - @kugelis Fatboy Mini gear drive for TB218 on pneumatics 8mm shaft 3.75” Hub[$446 + $17 shipping]

Motors- Dual Maytech Sealed 6374 170kv Motors $277.73 [122x2 + $27 shipping+3% paypal handling fee]

Enclosure - Psychotiller Altar Wedge with wire channel or Hummie custom plastic + Fiberglass enclosure

Speed Controller-Flipsky FSESC 6.6 x2 [$100x2]

Remote - Remote + receiver casing + black and white color scheme [$120 remote&receiver + $10 receiver casing + $30 shippping]

BMS - Bestech 12s 80A BMS

Would love to hear what you guys think of my planned build so far! I’m hoping to get the parts together soon but as this will take huge effort to see through I’d like to know if I’m on the right track for as far as build objectives and parts go. Thankful to have the Forum around Cheers!


Definitely on the right track with that parts list. This will be one hell of a board

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Thanks I’m planning to slowly order them out so in case there’s anything that anyone suggests could be improved on, I can still adjust the build if I can manage it!

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You are on the right track.

I would not bet my money on the unity to be out soon. If you want your build finished sooner you should get focboxes.

Torque drives should just work with your desired speeds. You won’t be able to go faster though. If you want decent torque and a bit more speed you’ll need to go for xl drives in 4wd which are sold out.

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Thanks @sayekim! I realized now that I hadn’t added in the remotes and bluetooth modules yet though I may end up putting in the nano v2 as its well regarded in the forum!

I don’t think my budget would allow a 4WD on the speed drive XL’s plus I don’t intend to go that fast. I’m more open to a 4WD on the v4 torque drives right now as I think I’ll need torque to get me over some inclines as I’m also on the heavier side(220lbs) plus It’ll help me keep the budget from rocketing too high lol I figured the torque drives offered more torque at a lower KV? Or does the XL provide significantly more due to it being larger at 2250W vs the 400W per motor?

Hmm the torque drives are only 400w? That’s surprising as you would assume it would be much higher considering it’s advertised as “torque drive”. Even some China brand hubs are rated at 500w per hub.

Or are the torque drives larger motors?

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Yup that’s what’s advertised on the carvon site though still more than twice than what I’ve got on my China board(Ownboard W1 Pro) lol also it says its 75kv but doesnt really give size or dimensions of the motors

Yeah it’s weird, I’d say they must have larger diameter stators to increase the torque

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I do hope so but I’m all for having customizability as well using these drives. I’ve emailed Jerry @LEVer and asked about the differences in torque among the torque and speed drives. Hoping for a reply!

Sounds like you are on the right track if you go with the tesseract @Eboosted mayb have a enclosure that is already fitted to that board. I would go the surfrodz for the second truck if your budget allows it. I would go with the 2 focboxes. I would go with the 10s5p just to be safe for your range you want and you will get less sag

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Thanks @briman05! Appreciate it. Also are you referring to a different surfrodz truck? Also 2 focboxes for a 2WD Torque drive?

I’ll send @Eboosted a PM though I’m aware he does have enclosures for other Loaded boards so He would understand their overall dimensions. Now that you mention the distance and voltage sag, I’ve yet to use the esk8 calculator given what I want so far

If you have 2 motors on the which I believe the carvon system has you will need 2 focboxs. I was refurring to the same surfrodz 200mm rkp but as the one thread about speed wobble on here suggests you can use different base plates angles to help reduce speed wobble. Surfrodz sells a 35* baseplate.

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Thanks! I’ll look into the baseplate as I haven’t considered that yet.

Are these the specific base plates that you mentioned? :smile:


Look at this thread and it will explain it better

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If it’s anything above 349 watts rated motors then all I’m interested for speed and torque is the kv rating.

My 350 watt meepo/wowgo hubs rated 75 kv can take on hills just fine. Not super fast but they can take them. They do get very hot though on 12s.

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I gotta read up more on how the kv and watts correlate haha. My Ownboard does get quite hot as well when going up an incline, I do hope the carvons heat up much less because of the design of the motors

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Ok I was overwhelmed with all the info, basically rule of thumb is to keep the front truck angle to 35 deg? It continues to mention the TB 218mm or Caliber2 trucks. I think the TB218 would make the front wheels wider than the Carvon TD’s on the rear?

Correct because most people use caliber style trucks but the same principles of it can be applied here

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Thanks. Not sure about what angle the rear trucks have to be. I checked the carvon site for the TD v4’s but it doesn’t indicate the degree of the trucks so I’ll probably need an extra surfrodz 35deg baseplate for it if I’m not mistaken?