VESC 6 released and the forum is open

The VESC 6 forum is now open!

And the GitHub is updated with files!

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Benjamin writes tonight:

VESC Tool has been a huge amount of work and there are also many updates and new functions in the firmware. I will work on a reference hardware design in the next days. It will essentially be the same as the VESC6, but a square PCB with SMD electrolytic capacitors, mounting holes and a few other changes. It should work as a PCB only and not require a case for mounting. Hopefully people can adapt it easily if they want to make different cases


Is this not possible to run on Mac? seems to be Linux and Windows only.

At first I was a little baffled to see the 20€ price tag on the VESC Tool Platinum, but what the hell. Vedder has done some great work and I’ll happily pay him to use his program.

One question though, in the product description it says “… You will be able to download the latest platinum status version of VESC Tool for six months.

So it’s a subscription to get updates, but once I have them I can use them for however long I want?

Scroll down, the tool is free. It’s a kludgy way of asking for donations.

Yeah, just read that. Looks like it’ll be like flair on the vesc forum. Might even get your questions answered faster. I have zero problem with this structure. Wish he had set up a patreon or something a long time ago.


@UniqueSnowflakeN27 You can scroll down on the page and find the free version. It is only an option to support the project.

@rolexbene No MacOs version. I use Mac and utiliZe VirtualBox with Ubuntu. Works great!

No it’s free for life if you want, you just get a badge next to your username in the forum for 6 months for donating.

I compiled a macOS version, it runs fine, but I haven’t tried to connect VESC to it yet. You can try if you are brave @oyta @rolexbene @onepunchboard (

Thanks man! I’m not doing it now, just wanted pick in. XD but eventually

I just found this,

under debug console WARNING (:0 ): Execution of PAC script at “http://wpad/wpad.dat” failed

May be a dumb question but can you use the VESC tool with an older VESC? One that’s not a VESC 6?


Yes you can, and it’s considered an upgrade to use it over the BLDC tool

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I’m not quite understanding how it is an upgrade to use vesc tool over bldc tool with 4.12HW and 2.18FM? The only advantage would be its upgraded UX?

Have a read around the VESC forum… Benjamin said it was better with FOC especially. I’m not exactly sure of the specifics yet

Well, per Franks post, FOC is only better if upgrade to the new 3.27 FW running on 4.12 HW. It is not the tool itself that will grant better FOC-ing (heh)

You can access the VESC-Tool download and the forum, other sections will follow soon. Beside a good start into the week you will be able to use the new FW 3.27 with your 4.xx hardware. Your 4.xx will still be a 4.xx, but FOC is a lot better and all the new features, like the input wizards and throttle curves, are available. Note that this update won’t make HW 4.x more robust against broken DRVs for certain motors, so if you had problems with a motor and HW 4.x before it is likely to remain.

What I didn’t understand is if it is required to upgrade to 3.27FW on 4.12HW in order to use vesc tool.

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Yeah, I saw that. But I thought the free version was like a lite version or something.

Yes, you have to update FW to use VESC-Tool but you can upload bootloader (or upload different FW but then you can’t use vesc tool for settings)

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@rpasichnyk will your compiled Mac version have updates? Have you been able to re compile new update?

Yes I plan to build 0.81 for macOS. Though I hope at some point it will be possible to download from the official website. I am willing to help with that.


:wink: Frank