Vesc Bad Motor Detection/0 Faults/Motor&Solder Joints Ok/FW 2.18 Vesc 4.12 PLEASE HELP!

Alright ladies and gentlemen! My vesc blinks green during motor detection once in the beginning and once in the end. The green lights stay solid when sending signal during bench test as it should. The motor was tested on another esc opto using the vesc signal power as a bec and receiver signal came from the opto esc. Motor responded as should and runs great. I have turnigy sk3 192kv with two 6s 5000mah samsung 25r (green not cyan) cells running in series to 12s (I’ve run the vesc with half power and then full power with no results) with @eLDoska 40amp 2mosfet switch also with drok step down converter to 3amp 36watt 12v for my leds also my vesc has 2.18 Firmware and is a 4.12 )I purchased vesc a year ago). I am able to write configurations, but at first it took 2 configuration writes for the vesc to hold the configurations. After reboot now it rewrites fine. The cord I’m using is dinky and I’m thinking that may be the issue, but if that was the case would the vesc even connect to bldc tool and then be able to write configurations?? Another issue I can think of is downloading the incorrect bldc tool as mine now looks different from my older 2.16 firmware version (as I expected, but now learning all over again). This is making it more difficult for me to understand as I’m least experienced in the area of programming these computers. The settings are basically set as the stock configuration the vesc was able to read aside from a few changes I made. The failed motor detection with no fault was before and after the configuration writes. Also the controller worked with the esc and there is no signal received on vesc, signal is received on bench test, but motor won’t turn. Can someone please help with installing the correct 2.18 bldc tool to rule it out and I will try to get my hands on my nice old gold tip usb cable I have buried somewhere around the house to rule that out as well. Any ides guys and gals?!?! Any help is much appreciated, but PLEASE stay on topic :wink:

Pics of bldc tool settings please

These are the green lights of bench test. Now no signal received to vesc from receiver.

So then the problem is you cant do motor detection?

Yes and bench test doesn’t turn my motor and my receiver doesn’t send any signals to vesc. Tested motor and receiver/controller on another esc and they work. I feel like I may need to download a different bldc tool. If I’m connected and writing configurations that means it’s not the tool right?

Ok forget about everything but the motor detection right now. What happens when you do motor detection?

Unless you want to fry your vesc don’t try to “use” it before it’s setup properly

It shows those last two pictures, bad motor detection, then when I type in faults it states no faults registered since startup

Ok, what happens when you run the test, does the motor move at all, make a sound?

No nothing at all :frowning:

Ok, increase Current A to 8 in the little window and try again

Bad results received again, detection failed

No sound or shake,movement from motor?

No, no nothing :cry:. The motor was tested good and solder connections and wires from vesc tested good. Nothing though not a peep

Bump min rpm try again

Oh and go to the FOC tab, and run hall detection there, see if that works

To what 300?

Yeah 300 is fine

All didn’t work

Hmm I dunno , I would upgrade it to 2.54, ackmaniacs fw, might just be something buggy with it if there’s no hardware issues

ok I’ll give that a shot, how do I do that? I kind of think I remember how