VESC DRV Socket (End-user Replaceable DRV)

I’m just wondering why we can’t use smt chip socket to mount DRV motor control. This would make it easier to replace DRV chip on the spot as an end user without ever sending / shipping the whole VESC around the globe.

I know that VESC 6 is reliable, but the price are very steep for some. Meanwhile this could be a nice fix for VESC supplier that doesn’t want to deal with blown up DRV.


This is pretty cool ! I did not know that there were ZIF sockets for SMD. HOw is the heat handled ? The other problem is that it turns a SMD into a DIP. Yuou would have to design the VESC 4 PCB.

@laurnts replacing a DRV chip this way looks like a lot more fun than removing it and replacing it with a reflow tool!

My concern are, there is no pad to connect the ground pad witch must be connect… And will probably reduce my customer base :smiling_imp:


@akira I think redesigning the VESC is a must to accommodate the extra space for the socket, but I think someone with KiCad knowledge easily work it around.

Heat is least of my concern as DRV chip should not be heating alot. If it pop out anyway, just put new one in. Plug & Play!

@JohnnyMeduse Yea it have the potential to reduce your customer base sadly, but this could be a way also for you to make your VESC version with user replaceable DRV chip.

And I’ve forgot to mention that vibration could be a real bad issue… [quote=“laurnts, post:5, topic:20925”] make your VESC version with user replaceable DRV chip [/quote]

Sorry, but I prefer good old, lead soldering :sunglasses:

VESC 6 is a lot more expensive right now because its a beta run from one company. Wait till the design files are released/manufacturing is scaled up. Plus I think some features are optional on the VESC 6 that could reduce the price too.

There’s no good way to make a socketed DRV8302 that is cheap and easy to work with. Especially considering the environment these boards live in. The test jig you linked, I did a very quick search and seems that they are minimum 50 bucks each (I’m sure cheaper in quantity). The way the DRV8302 is mounted now is the best possible way to do it, Sure the board could probably be redesigned a little bit to improve reliability but adding a socket isn’t solving the problem.

VESC 6 will not be open source, unless I am mistaken

not to mention that socket is HUGE! like would it even fit on the board?

Yep, should be open source, but only the firmware, tool, and schematic… but i’m not sure for the design… will see… :disappointed_relieved:

TIL I guess, interesting that the board layout is potentially propriety, that being said it shouldn’t be too hard to create a board design anyways, most designs would probably bit literal copies of the official one.

Not really, there is a lot of rules involve with certain part… that why you haven’t seen many of those direct Fets project… you really need to know what your doing in order to make a reliable product.

VESC 6 not that reliable! Just ran into DRV issue today. Honestly, I don’t know what to do. In the couple of years I’m now at my 7th DRV fault. 7!!! Manufacturers never assist, they re more active at selling it. I used low current limits, default settings, read the whole internet, DRV is just gonna blow one day and it’s $50 + no way out


Are you using the one from @trampa?

Yes I got it from Trampa

What are your configuration? As detailed as possible

Make sure you have no short is any motor wire, no bad contact in sensors wire if using

I think you are the first I see reporting DRV problems

battery 102p (18650), single belt drive (16/36 gear ratio) Motor max = 40 amps motor min = -30 amps Batt max = 30 amps Batt min rgen = -10 I basically leave everything else by default and run motor detection etc and apply

Weird. I only had one Drv chip issue with my Focbox cause of the plastic film covering the heatsink manufacturer problem. And one DRV issue with an old VescX I got after 2 years of riding hard on 12s the other Vesc x never had a problem and they are running fine ever since the repair.

I spent over 300 on that thing and it lasted 3 month!

What Motor are you using?