VESC FAQ | Connect two VESC via CANBUS for dual motors

The GT2B is really reliable for build quality and signal connection but the nunchuck is awesome for cruise control and the form factor. When you are carving hard, the combination of cruise control and traction control makes for an awesome ride, the power gets switched from motor to motor really intelligently making carving on flat ground feel very natural.

Anyone got any ideas how I can sort out the communication error with CANBUS in PPM mode?

Noob question. So the batteries just need to connect to 1 vesc and the canbus connection delivers power to the second one? Or does the battery need to be connected directly to both?

each vesc must have a power supply, canbus is just a data/communications conecction

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so i need a splitter from space cell with 1 female and 2 male xt60 connectors?

you don’t really need extra XT60 just solder two vesc power leads together onto one xt60 connector (++) & (–)

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Never thought of that. Thanks @onloop

Slightly off-topic, I think you can get away with only one set of capacitors if you interconnect the VESC’s locally and run only 2wires from the battery.

Im not sure that you can.

Edit. I mean you can. But its probably not recomended.

i think a single vesc could still be ok with just 500uf cap, it really depends how long/skinny your battery wires are.

If the battery is nice & close you can have lower. i think over 1000uf per vesc is a safe bet.

Did you get that sorted out yet @moja ? Another noob question… do you do motor detection after you slave the vesc? Or do i do them indivisually and then slave the vesc?

I have a dual VESC set up via CANBUS. I was experiencing some issues with the slave not connecting when I just used plug in connectors. However, I have had no issues whatsoever after I soldered the wires directly to the pins and put heatshrink in-between.

I setup the XML file with the master VESC and simply copied it over to the slave making sure I changed the controller ID number. Works great.


I made a listing for the CANBUS link: CANBUS Connector for Vedder’s Motor Controller I have been getting tons of request for this item. .


can you add one to my order please @chaka :+1:

Awesome connector! Well needed.

@sl33py @carl.1 I have my Project Zephyr powered up (both VESC blue and green lights are on, Canbus properly placed, checked all wires). But was able to spin only one motor? How do you identify each VESC ? It seems that I can configure only one VESC ! I know that you should assign ID 0 to the master and 1 to the slave. After you configure the master, how to do save it and then move to the slave?

You need to configure them individually via USB. You can’t do it over CAN.
After that you can check CANbus communication by connecting to the master, clicking CAN FWD, entering the slave’s ID on the upper right of your screen and checking if realtime data is coming back from the slave.


Oh yeah, and please put some tape or heat shrink on those capacitor boards. Unless you like sparks and smoke :wink:

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Thanks. This looks better.

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When u say that it is better if we split the servo receiver cable, does it means that only one receiver wire going to just one vesc or splitting into ‘y’ servo wire? Thanks

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Hi guys, what is the id that we must put in? Or do we have specific id or just randomly? Thanks