Download this file to Install the BLDC Tool on your Apple Computer.

This link will stay updated with the latest compatible BLDC tool & firmware version.

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Hi Jason, I have the VESC 4.7, do I need to install the firmware through terminal on Ubuntu as shown on Vedder’s walk through on his site or does it have firmware pre installed? I have bought a discovery board to upload the firmware but could do with some guidance on how I need to go about these final steps of setting up VESC using my Mac. Cheers!

hey, the firmware should be loaded already. just need to make sure you have correct BLDC tool version. its not backwards compatible.

I must admit i am rather novice when it comes to all this firmware & loading stuff onto chips…

let me see if i can find out more

Cheers, is the BLDC version you posted in this threat the right one for the 4.7 VESC’s?

Yes it is. If you need to update the firmware you’ll find the mc_config& here:

Within that zip you need to choose the default FW for 4.7.when asked in the BLDC tool (tab Firmware -> chose)

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Thanks. I have uploaded the 1.14 default firmware to the VESC through BLDC, I get the message “connected, limited” then “no firmware read response” in the bottom right corner when trying to connect to the VESC. I assume there is a problem with uploading the firmware. Any suggestions?

Cheers, Moja.

Did you upload the FW through the FW-tab in the BLDC-Tool? Also, it could be the case that the bootloader (needed to update the FW) is not correctly installed. If this is the case you’d need a STlink V2 to upload it. Sounds complicated, but it is not - just follow Benjamin’s instructions on his page how to connect the STlink to the VESC and how to upload the BL. You’d need Ubuntu though (could be installed on a thumb drive too).

Edit: if you are in Europe you could send it to me and I’d do that for you!

Cheers, I though I was going to have to go through that process in the first place so I’ve bought the gear needed to upload the firmware manually, I’ll get cracking on that :slight_smile:

ok this is a possibly dumb question but I’ve been staring at the Mac BLDC tool for about 15 straight minutes and I can’t find the “connect” button anywhere! I hate to post this but can anyone help me out? I’ve got it connected via USB at the moment. And the BLDC tool from the link at the top of this thread.

should be at top right hand side.

Gah, it opened up perfectly cut off on the right side of the screen so I didn’t see that whole right pane. Thanks @onloop

I think I need to read up on how to use this though. I thought I could just connect it to my computer via USB and update the settings (to use the nunchuck for instance) but I think I need a programmer between the computer and the vesc. Is that right?

You may have to resize your screen. Sometimes the right hand side and the bottom section of the bldc tool will be hidden.

Edit: nevermind you got it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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you don’t need a programmer

READ ALL THIS :slight_smile:

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Ok that first question was embarrassing… I’m actually a software engineer! lol

I’ve been reading up now all night on here and on Vedder’s site but having a bit of trouble now that I’ve found the connection fields and buttons. The VESC is wired up and lighting up it’s cool shade of blue and looking good thus far.

What values should be in the connection fields to be able to “connect” via USB. If I leave the default value of: /dev/tty.usbmodem261 in there, it says Device not found so I’m assuming there’s a different value that should be in there.

Try /dev/ttyACM0
If you have more than one usb device then you need to type in the port that the VESC is plugged into. I am linux user so I may not be of much help finding the port ID.

Edit: Sorry, I realized the the port ID I gave you is probably PC specific. The green light should be on too.

@chaka - The green light is on too. I’m assuming that you should have the power connected to the VESC while it’s connected to USB, right?

If I do that, connect the USB and then open a terminal and run: sudo dmesg | tail,

I get this:

USB (XHCI Root Hub USB 2.0 Simulation):Port 2 on bus 0xa connected or disconnected: portSC(0xe0206e1) (if that helps to figure out what address I need to put in the connection field.

I’ve worked with Arduino and Raspberry PI but they usually autodetect the port so this is uncharted for me.

I have walked a few of my customers through configuration on os x but we never had any usb port issues. Do you have any other devices plugged in? If you do, you might try disconnecting everything and trying again with just the vesc. Hopefully jacobbloy will chime in with a solution if that does not work.

Thanks again. It’s currently the only usb device plugged in. I may just try to connect it to a PI and use the Linux version since there’s much more documentation for that setup. If I can’t figure out the OS X issue by later today, I’ll five that a go.

@siggs3000 That’s correct.