Vesc Max Amperage

Hi, I bought a Vesc that is Arriving, But Since I bought I questioned my self “My motor can pull 80A and Vesc handle just 50A, Won’t It Burn my vesc?” And I read that Vesc can handle 50A from the battery, but how many Amps it can delivery to the Motor?

I believe that the VESC can actually handle 60a - but I might be wrong… You should definitely limit the current draw (max amperage) to around 40a. Just to be safe. How many volts is your battery supplying? What sice motor are you using, at what KV?

My Battery is 6s 6300Mah, and motor is a 300kv 1500w from Alien

Okay. That setup is not ideal for the VESC… It could possibly work out fine, but I think that there’s a possibility of frying the VESC due to the low voltage battery (and therefore more amps is needed) and high KV motors. You will probably also lack power going up hill and when accelerating. You will get a high top speed though!

You will probably need help from some of the experts in here. Just to be sure that you will not fry your ESC.

So what do I do now? I already bought it

You can probably make it work. Maybe these two can help you to configure your setting: @Ackmaniac @laurnts. It might take some time for them to answer though, so be patient :slight_smile:

Sure, I’ll

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+1 Also interested - Same setup (6S 300KV)

Alien 4260 Motor 300KV

They also make a 100KV

Does VESC need sensored motor? (If not does it make a difference)

Presumably if you use the same amp settings as a board running 10S you’d be fine, however you’d be making less power.

It is possible to use a sensored motor with the VESC. Many advise not to though… If you buy a motor with sensors then I would recommend to let them be unconnected.

Dont you think 40a is a good limit for the motor output?

40a should be fine for motor amps but your battery amps is really what you need to worry about. I’d start around 20a and go up from there if you need to.

If your motor is rated to 80 amps then you can set this value at the VESC. If you have a Lipo battery you can also set the max amps to 50A. You could even try 60. Only problem with this high kv rating is that the motor will not deliver a lot of torque so it will overheat easily. But the VESC takes care about the temperature by itself. So if you don’t loose power than it’s fine. Also limit the max ERPM to 60000.

the motor rating isn’t likely legit and not a continuous rating, as that’s likely what they’re claiming that number is.

you can set the motor and battery amp limit much higher as long as the motor doesn’t overheat or the vesc doesn’t shutdown from over temp you’d be fine.

if you have a lipo it doesn’t necessarily mean you can do 50 battery amps but assuming the battery is large enough or has a high enough c rating then the battery will be fine and the vesc will be fine too as long as it’s not run forever at that output…otherwise temp shutdown

high kv doesn’t necessarily mean low torque or more heat and you can get the same performance (wattage and torque) from a high kv or low kv if fed the right ratio of amps to volts…higher kv needs more amps but the winding are thicker so makes the same heat…just use less voltage and it balances. I’ve had 70/70 motor and bat amps and also ridden with 45/200. bat and motor amps and been fine. the bat amp limit is what amps are really being pulled and the motor amp limit effects the ramping up of those amps at lower speeds generally and can be put all the way to 200 and it won’t be pulling any more amps from the battery than whatever limit you set it to. the real limit is just temp for the motor and vesc, the vesc will shut down with over temp and your motor will injure its magnets beyond some temp the magnets are rated for.

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I currently use 2x ZIPPY Flightmax 3000mAh 3S1P 20C to make a 6S pack.Would these be fine?

Does the VESC have a configuration for both Max Battery amps & Max Motor amps?

ok but not ideal…bit low current ability probably. and the voltage being low it will draw even more amps.

there is a bat and motor amp limit yes.

300kv at 6s voltage is within the Vesc Erpm limit. 6x4.2=25.2v 25.2v X 300kv=7560 rpm 7560 x 7=52920 Erpm The Vesc’s Erpm limit is 60000 So you don’t have to worry about causing a DRV fault in the vesc. As mentioned, you may not have much torque. If your not to heavy and your riding mostly on flat ground then you’ll prob be ok. Always give the board a couple push kicks to get it rolling before hitting the throttle.

you can get as much torque you just need more amps. especially with 6s this is a good scenario for the motor. as long as the vesc doesn’t get too hot you can up the bat amps and get the same performance as with a lower kv motor and as much torque

Your batteries are only capable of 60a 3ah x 20c = 60a If you draw 60a from the batteries the voltage will sag a lot. With a 60a battery, you should prob set your batt max at 30a

Ah, okay, I’m 55kg and I live in Brazil, so no mountains